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Gas and anxiety - looking for the right medication

Jul 22, 2018 - 0 comments

Hi, right now I'm in high school who have been suffering with extreme gas for four years. In the beginning , when I was in middle school, I was starting to have stomach growling and sensation of gas which wasn't severe until beginning of high school. It was none stopping I was crying and praying that this problem will stop because it was painful and I couldn't do what I wanted to do. I couldn't pay attention in class, scare to sit in front of class( cuz it make it worse ) and worried any accident going on. GI dr gave me any medicine such as beano, charcoal, and other but it didn't help( it was from 9th grade to 10 grade and then she gave up ) and dr told me that I have ibs  and probably anxiety .

Starting 11 grade I took LEXAPRO ( it was the worst mistake) it gave me side effect such as to much tension scared easily , shaky hand and leg, many people from my school realize that and start bothering me ( bully me ) they were OBSERVING ME , any movement I made, which worsted  my anxiety. And started to develop paranoid( I later took risperidone )

Right now I stop taking lexapro ( I use to take 15 mg ) but still continue with risperidone ( .5 mg morning and night a day)

I want someone to tell me their story who also have gas problem and are taking any antidepressant medication that is actually helping them.

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