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Tested HIV negative today

Nov 19, 2018 - 0 comments

Hi guys i just wantes to let you know that i finally had the courage to undergo a hiv test after 8months of living in fear after possible exposure i had EVERY symptom in the book chills,night sweats,swollen glands,rash,tonsills,muscle spasms the list goes on...the mind is a very powerful thing i was 100% sure i had it and thought about this everyday and kept googling symptoms and i believe it those actions that made my symptoms seem so real to me so as im writting this guys i just wanted to tell u that nothing beats testing i am living proof that symptoms dont mean anything and listen to the doctors advice they know what they are talking about knowing is always better than not knowing...thank u to all the doctors on this forum and goodluck to each and everyone of u

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