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C reactive protein blood test

Nov 19, 2018 - 2 comments

Yes it's been a long time since I've posted anything let alone a journal.

But I have a question, and I'm hoping someone can shed some light.

I had blood work done a couple weeks ago. One of the tests was C Reactive Protein. Which checks for inflammation in your body.

According to my results, it is slightly high. The guideline that the lab follows says normal results should be under 5. But my results came in at 5.3.

My doctor wasn't concerned about this and said no follow up was necessary.

What do you ladies think? Any experience with this?

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by Belle313, Nov 19, 2018
What symptoms are you having? What does your doc suspect?
I would GUESS that the other labs are in the ‘normal range’ or slightly elevated like the  C reactive protein. Is that right? Is your doc planning on redrawing the labs again later down the road if your symptoms persist.
Personally, I had a whole slew of labs done with C reactive protein being one of them that was elevated (not near normal at all) I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and put on Embrel for it.  I hope you are able to get a diagnosis and find something that helps you if your having trouble.
If you want to PM me or talk some other way, I’d be happy to help you anyway I can.

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by Shannon79, Nov 20, 2018
Hiya E!

She didn't really say what she suspected. She was like "it could be arthritis. Maybe fibromyalgia, but there's no cure for that. And it could just be from getting older". I actually had to do my own research to see what the C Reactive Protein test was.

The most "problematic" symptom is pain, especially in my hips. I have days where I struggle to go up and down stairs. And stiffness too, especially in my feet when I haven't moved for awhile (like first thing in the morning). My joints in my hands feel stiff a lot of days.

Everything else was in the normal range. And the C Reactive Protein was just slightly elevated. But to me, that tells me there's inflammation in my body.

Nope she's not planning on doing anything else. No follow up, no redoing the labwork. She said it wasn't anything to worry about.

Thanks for replying! :-)

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