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High fever of unknown origin

Apr 03, 2019 - 2 comments

This is the third time this has happened recently.  It's April now, but we're still in a mild yet prolonged flu season.  The first time I spiked a fever, I just assumed that it was the flu.  I didn't have any symptoms initially, just sudden high fever with splitting headache, whole body aches, and severe dizziness.  But after the high fever turned into a low-grade fever three days later, I did start experience cold symptoms which lasted for two weeks.  That was in December 2018.  I didn't go to my doctor to get tested, just Tylenol, water, lukewarm bath, cool rags...

Fast forward beginning of February 2019, I had a cold for a few days then it turned into a high fever.  The temperature got up to 103.3.  I alternated Tylenol and Motrin per the nurse's advice, but the fever was still over 102. I was vomiting and fainting. I remember it took like 4 or 5 days to finally get the high fever down.  Again, there were some mild sore throat and coughs following that episode of high fever.  But they were honestly very mild.  After the fever was gone, it was just the massive fatigue and weakness.  I was dragging my body for weeks.

As I'm typing, I'm feeling chills and shivering again.  I am alternating Tylenol and Motrin.  Last time I checked, my temp was down to 101.9 after the meds kicked in.  This time it started Sunday night.  I didn't know why, I had a very difficult time falling sleep that night.  I had a migraine and generally was just feeling unwell.  I was in Seattle visiting my husband and daughter.  I finally fell asleep at maybe 2am.  Then, I woke up at 4am with severe abdominal pain.  I had to catch the early morning flight, so I took the Tylenol and took off to the airport. The entire airplane ride was miserable - I was extremely dizzy with vertigo spells, feel very nauseated but couldn't throw up, my abdominal pain exacerbated and the flank pain also started.  I honestly couldn't remember how I managed to get home from San Jose airport.  I just vaguely recall that I asked my son to walk to school by himself, then with the very little strength I had left I threw myself to bed...  I couldn't move, couldn't get up eat or drink anything.  My body was shivering, then hit by severe pain all over, splitting headaches and tunnel vision, then shivering again... I just laid there for most of the day, moaning and crying myself in and out oconsciousness... That was the worst part of it.  

About 2:30pm, I vomited.  Ten minutes later, vomited again... I sat on the cold floor next to the toilet until 4:30pm.  My vomit turned from clear liquids to green biles.  At the end, just dry heaves.  My stomach cramped severely with sharp stabbing pain this whole time.  Then I found that I'm bleeding vaginally.  With IUD, my bleeding has been irregular, but I just had my period less than two weeks ago!  

Anyway, after the vomiting slows down, I finally regained some strength to get up and take care of myself.  Only then I was able to get the thermometer from medicine cabinet and took my temperature - it was 103.7 under arm and 104.5 orally.  Though I believe it must have been much higher than this when I was feeling the worst earlier that day.  I took Tylenol and Motrin TOGETHER because I was in so much pain.  I couldn't walk without holding on to the wall.  I had to stop and catch my breath to allow my racing heart calm down a bit every few steps.  I had to use plastic cups because the mug is too heavy for me.  I got myself in a tepid bath and put ice pads on my forehead, wrists, ankles... When I'm out of bath, my temp was 102.4 and I was feeling a bit human again.  I fell asleep for a long time... until the fever spiked again in the middle of the night... My temp went up to 103.3 at 1am Tuesday morning.  I knew I exceeded the daily max dose for both Tylenol and Motrin over the past couple days.  

I still don't have any cold or flu symptoms.  I have stomach pain, back/flank pain, nausea, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, migraine headaches with light sensitivity and vertigo spells...... I'm feeling awful but I know the worst is over.  At least I hope it is.

I start to feel worried - high fevers that are do severe and so frequent are not typical for me at all.  Not sure what to do about it.  Super scared to talk to my doctor about this.  

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134578 tn?1578161083
by AnnieBrooke, Apr 04, 2019
I don't know if it is possible for flu to recur, and your symptoms the first time definitely sound like flu. But if you have an infection of some kind, it's not a good idea to shrug it off as the flu. Time to see the doctor and get a white-cell count, it sounds like you've got an infection.

1806721 tn?1554337007
by Annie_777, May 13, 2019
What kind of infection would go dormant only to recur once every 1-2 month?  

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