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Lovin the baby kicks!

Sep 22, 2010 - 0 comments

Baby kicks



Well the past few days have been AMAAAZING. I started to feel the baby kicks really hard about 4 days ago. That first day baby just didn't stop moving ALL day long, so I think it realized it can move all over and just didn't wanna stop exploring! :) Calmed down a little since then, but still soo active, almost all day long. I feel little punches throughout the day..then at certain times it's just non stop, and i love it. I'm at my 18 weeks 5 days mark today and we find out the gender monday sept 27th..seems far away..only what..5 days..a LOOOONG five days may i add. haha baby kickin right now yay! i just at a hto pocket so i guess it's time to wake up, sincei  just ate. :)

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