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Stomach Pain & Headache

Sep 16, 2019 - 1 comments

I've had a bad cold but it didn't stop me much. I kept exercising and felt OK. But, now I have stomach pain and a headache. The ragweed is high (53) today. Alternaria mold was not measured but the overall mold count looks high. This is definitely the time of year when the Alternaria is high. I have not been taking Singulair this year at all and have not had a problem until now. Adding that might fix my problems.

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by GuitarRox, Sep 18, 2019
My seasonal allergies are off the charts this September.  Worst it's been in years.  Not sure where you reside but it's driving me insane.  Let me know if the Singulair helps.  I'm having trouble controlling it this year.  But why do you think your stomach is hurting?  that common for you with allergies?  I can get a headache if my sinuses are involved and they can be when my allergies are flaring.  

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