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another kind of day

Oct 06, 2019 - 0 comments

Been waiting for hours for somebody to answer my questions here, looks like nobody is interesting in helping me, is sad, because a little of love for others means a lot for the person who is suffering. Today I received it a visit from a pastor, was as I expected what he will tell me, that my house have a lot of problems and that is the reason my daughter and all my family had suffer A LOT all these years, he prayed for u and prayed over the house and is other stuff that I will need to do to try and help to make the situation inside here less dangerous and free my family as much as I can from the curse that was put here by the persons who owned the lands in the past  or constructed the house  , all these sound like the most stupid none sense but for those who believe in God and had seen the dark side they know that this is true and is a big battle that I have in front of my, another battle, help me God

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