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Should I do this?

Nov 03, 2019 - 0 comments

I am thinking about speaking up to my school's counselor about cutting myself and my depression to see if she could help.  Like maybe if she had any tips or if she could help me look up to see if I could be going crazy.  I am going to try to bring myself to speak up to the counselor like I have been telling my friends I would.  So let's cross our fingers that I do bring myself to talk and get some help.  No, I haven't seen a therapist as I should but I think that if I do tell her she could be my therapist.  Like for a short time.  But, I don't care if she reports me to some higher authority.  I think that if she reports me its three days in the mental ward, right?  That's what my mom said so I am just going by her word.  but I am going to check in to get a session tomorrow morning to talk to the counselor.

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