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Diagnosed with unidentified polyposis at age 25

Nov 24, 2019 - 0 comments

I want to share my experience in hopes of finding other people like me and gaining insight into my condition. I am 25 y/o female recently diagnosed with multiple polyps throughout my GI tract. I was having intermittent but very painful abdominal cramps which i thought was gas pains caused by some sort of intolerance or fast eating vs for the past 4 or so years. When they increased in frequency, I had no choice but to take a visit to a specialist despite my intense fear of hearing bad news. Anyway, after an inconclusive US I had a full abdomen CT scan which revealed multiple polyps of different size throughout my colon and duodenum. Subsequently I had two endoscopies and a colonoscopy during which they removed 12 small polyps. Thankfully they were all hamartomatous/hyperplastic. But the true problem was with a giant polyp nearly fully blocking my intestines. They weren't able to remove it with conventional polypectomy so I was referred to a more specialized physician. Until then, I went two weeks constantly feeling nauseated and throwing up because of small bowel obstruction. My bowel was nearly necrotized. Anyway, they successfully removed my 6 cm polyp via ESR. They also found multiple sessile gastric polyps during the procedure. Pathology report said that it was also a hamartomatous polyp resembling a juvenile one but with focal dyspalsia but not invasive carcinoma. I was freaked out to see the word dysplasia. I will undergo a follow up endoscopy in 3 months. But I don't know exactly what my condition is. I took a 23andme test couple of years ago. According to that, my colorectal cancer risk is on average. I'm honestly very concerned about my prognosis and the possibiliy that it can evolve to cancer. I made a lot of search but found very little regarding my condition. Is my polyposis syndromic or sporadic? The only family member diagnosed with colon polyps is my uncle but he is 70. No other family history of juvenile or any other kind of polyposis syndrome. Thank you for reading :)

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