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Crystalens comments - update

Dec 01, 2019 - 0 comments

I hope this will be helpful to someone.

Be sure your retina is healthy before spending the extra money for this lens.  Any lens you choose will only work  as well as the retina allows..  This is the answer I had been seeking.     I was finally was told this by an Ophthalmollgist after seeing  many doctors who had varying opinions.

I had seen a Retina specialist.   He wasn't sure what was happening with the retina and suggested cataract surgery first.  It turns out,my cataract was hiding a Macular Pucker and after a Crystalens was inserted, I could not see well at all. The cataract surgeon kept saying the lens was fine.  After many tests and my vague complaints he became defensive and then dismissive.  I can only assume he never realized  I had a retina problem or he would have referred me to the Retina specialist..

The forum was a great help when I was at my wits end.  Jodi suggested the retina after I described changes in color seen by each eye,    When I checked with a new retina specialist, she gave me a grid with straight lines which were all wavy to me, and confirmed it was the retina.  Surgery was done for a Macular Pucker and the vision improved but I am not completely free from wavy images.

My Crystalens apparently does not flex or provide the range of vision promised which could be due to my advanced age - I see clearly only at about 12 inches.  But,  thankfully, after retina surgery and with glasses I can see well enough to drive.

I have heard eye doctors say they'd choose a Crystalens for themselves despite possible problems; it could provide better contrast and a clearer image.

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