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TTC Number 2

May 13, 2020 - 0 comments

Well. It's weird being back and kind of like I'm the only one here. I miss the old MedHelp days. It's not the same. Even the TTC forums dont seem to be very active. Do people not obsess over OPKs and HPTs anymore? Or chat to each other maybe? Lol.

So yes! Back to TTC which is a bit surreal. Little E turned 2 in February and it finally felt right to start trying again this month. I felt like I needed the time to just soak up the miracle baby for a while and also get into the swing of things with my job. Now I'm super excited to try for our second. I just really hope it's not a 7 year wait again!

I've just ovulated yesterday or today, so we shall see in 11/12 days! My cycles have been thank GOD totally normal for the past 18 months in comparison to before. I'm on no fertility meds at all, cycles vary from 29-33 days. It's weird really.

I'll be using MedHelp for the tracker- just cannot find any charts I like the feel of on the app store which is kind of annoying! So it only felt right to come back!

Here's to baby number two! We would love a boy this time but another girl would be magical too!

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