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my jounrey of motherhood

Sep 24, 2010 - 0 comments


i am a mother of two loveing boy's a 2 year old and a 9 month old and now we are pregnant again at 12 weeks but dont know the sex yet hoping a girl. being a mother is the best gift that God has given me. i am greatful that i have two boys that are healthy and love to play with each other then fight right now. only 21 years old and have three kids is nuts but after this pregnancy i am done having childern three i think is enough for me and my husband. my first sons pregnancy was good never had anything go wrong till i gave birth then he didn't breath sometimes and his heart rate stopped on and off. but now he is a healthy boy running every where. my second sons pregnancy now that was crazy i always went to the er once a month cause my uterus was tighting up around my son and they had to stop it. then when it was time for birth i almost gave birth to him in a car but made it to the hospital just by two mins before he came out. but now i am loving being a mother and watching my boys grow up so fast. just can't wait for them to start going to school and see how they will do.

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