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alone and selfish

Sep 25, 2010 - 0 comments






So Im sitting here thinking I blew off a date with someone cuz I like him but I dont want to date him so I am realizing I am stringing him along while getting fb messages from an old exboyfriend who is a friend now wanting me to come over and cuddle and getting text messages from my recent exboyfriend telling me he loves me and misses me.  Am I really that selfish?? I think I am so depressed that I need to know men want me......and I hate myself for it.  People say I am afraid of commitment but I think it might be that I am so insecure that once I know a guy loves me its time to move on...WOW when I say that it makes me seem real shallow but thats why Im online looking for a therapist when I found this website. Anyone have suggestions cuz this girls a mess!!

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