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Feeling depressed

Sep 26, 2010 - 2 comments


I've been feeling alone and depressed because I haven't heard from my new boyfriend in a week. I know he has two kids that he has to take care of and I understand. He should try and make time for me, I'm 33-years and sick of men's Jr. high or kindergarten games that's all I get from them.

I told my new boyfriend that I wanted to give up on men and relationships I'm so frustrated. I had a bad marriage and I've been divorced for 5 years. I'm happy that I don't have kids because of my poor health. He said that life it too short and I should take that big step and I wasn't going to do that.

I'm only happy when I got to bed at night because I have nothing to look forward doing the day and I really hate life so much. It seems like I cry everyday and sometimes I feel that I can't stop. I don't want nobody to feel sorry for me and I do have feelings and I do hurt. I know that I'm very emotional because of my mental disorders. My new boyfriend has been supportive to me unlike my ex boyfriend.

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by unhappy68, Sep 26, 2010
I am sorry that you feel so bad, I am in the same boat. I have been diagnosed with clinacal depression. I see my therapist 1-2x a week and take lexapro. I also have post traumatic syndrom. so I know what feeling sad is like. I feel useless and hopeless. I was married for twenty three years then found out that he was unfaithful to me quit often.we had three beautiful boys but he never spent time with them. then to make matters worse i reconnected with my first love and after two weeks he completely dissapeared, no explanation!!  right when I needed him so bad. If you really care for this new man tell him and tell him you want to spend more time together, even offer to go places with him and his two is wonderful that he spends time with them. so many men dont! I hope it all works out.

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by Englishteapot, Sep 28, 2010
That's ok my life isn't getting any better and my medication doesn't help and my medication was on recall Wellbutrin because people took there own lives. I've tried lexapro that made me worse and no matter what I take it doesn't work. I don't care what the psychatrists say they don't work. I'm sorry that you have post traumatic stress did something traumatic happen to you may I ask? I feel useless and hopeless all the time and feel that there is no future for me. I'm sorry what your first love did to you and you don't deserved to be cheated on either.

Also, disappearing on you with no explanation is wrong don't worry I do believe what ever goes around comes around or bad karma he will get his in the worse way. I hope to see my new man soon I know he's going through so much with his 12 year old daughter because she was molested. I'm proud of him as a single father taking care of his kids as not many men do

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