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1st Appointment & New Updates

Sep 26, 2010 - 2 comments

First Appointment




1st Pregnancy


OBGYN visit


6 weeks pregnant






HCG blood test

I had my 1st appt friday (9/24/10) and it was kind of a whirlwind ob was about to deliver a baby and kept getting phone calls during our appointment saying "shes dialated to "x" etc. So I kind of felt a little rushed and not real special :(  with it being my first pregnancy i told him im excited but also nervous and she basically said "our bodies are wired to do this, its a very natural thing, you'll be fine" no "congratulations, how exciting for you, do you have any questions etc" I dunno, maybe im just being overly  I hope my next visit isnt as rushed.

No ultrasound this appt and my next appt it 10/25. I dont think I will be getting one then either bc they didnt mention it? :( I will be about 11 weeks then.

They took blood tests last week and she said my levels from those reports were great. (Hcg: 17403    Prog: 37.9  )

I still feel pretty normal :) no major sickness...just issues with food. I dont really like meat lately? And just not real hungry. Crave sweets but trying not to give into that craving.

husband and I had sex this a.m. and I bleed a little after (not major, but it was there). Hope thats ok or somewhat normal? : /

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by dwsilk, Sep 26, 2010
My doc told us no sex and no O's until he says so.  I think it was due to my low progesterone.

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by slb1107, Oct 20, 2010
I've read that a little spotting after sex isn't a problem. Just rubbed the cervix or something? You can call your dr to ease your worries =)

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