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Interesting Tip for Fibromyalgia and RLS

Aug 21, 2008 - 2 comments

Those with FMS who used an eye mask and ear plugs to block out all light and all sound found that their RLS stopped.  Before bedtime they go to the bathroom, chew a few TUMS to lower body acidity, drink a little water and put on the eye mask and ear plugs.  Almost to the person they report that they drop to deep, restorative sleep in about 3 minutes and stay there all night.  If they wake in the night, they just repeat the process, then go right back to sleep

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by wait2long, Aug 24, 2008
where are you getting these tips?  i would love to see them all and the it to me next time you write to me...
thanks...i have a lot of sleep issues
related to mt FMS and CFS...could really use some tips...

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by penwill65, Jun 11, 2009
wow, you are right , i started wearing earplugs after suffering many years working 3rd shift with fms, and now i cant go without them..But i also take lyrica and zanflex at bed time also.

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