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busy creating

Sep 27, 2010 - 4 comments

so all of my children tho in 2 different schools are in school all day today!
im here adding the finishing touches to a 90th birthday card a friend asked me to make for her granny will post piks in a few mins once ive finshed tieing the ribbon.

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1303813 tn?1303162962
by Cassandrajane, Sep 27, 2010
I want a card!! LOL.

Thats purely amazing
(I think I just made up the word purely), but WOW!
You're MAGIC!


1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Sep 27, 2010
ahh thanks im going to put another i made recently on hang on a mo xx

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by leanne95, Sep 27, 2010
your cards are fantastic! (i still preticually like the high chair one) x

1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Sep 28, 2010
ahh thank you, send me your address and i'll send you one, do you know what you're having? i could do it in pink blue or yellow if you're not sure xx

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