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New Beginnings

Sep 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Friday I went to the music store and bought strings for my guitar! I have not picked it up in almost 3 years so my guitar was quite dusty. I cleaned it really good and re-stringed it then I forgot the cords on how to play! I was determined that day to figure them out and I did! My fingers are callused but so worth it so I am now back to playing my guitar.

I went to church on Sunday and what a divine appointment it was for me to be there. We had a professional boxer there and he was on fire! He said if we are in a battle with something right now that we are not alone and that God has his hand on us and he is making us more like him. The Pastor said "Keep fighting the good fight" That's what I say on here all the time. What a confirmation to know that God's hand is upon my life and yours! He has a plan for us and he is shaping and molding us into HIS perfection!

Praying always~

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