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Medicine for itching

Sep 27, 2010 - 1 comments


Doctor gave me naltrexone for my itching which had gotten so bad it kept me up at night.  I took one 50mg tablet and it made me confused and disoriented.  I was not seeing clearly, my balance was off and I couldn't sleep and I was still itching.  Has anyone taken this medication?  I have stage 4 liver disease and HepC so I wonder if this could be a factor.

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by booet390, Dec 25, 2010
I have never taken this medicine before,my doctor gave me Triamcinolone ointment,and Hydroxyzine hcl10mg i do not itch as bad bot now i look as if i have been in a fire my skin is a mess, i do not know what stage 4 is, it has any thing to do wih the numbers1-6. 1 is the hardest to treat. yes i have the number 1 and i be so very sick, i am getting scared. what is going on with my skin.but i was told the treatment is no picnic. maybe i took to long before i started treatment, i will keep asking untill i find someone who has been through the same thing or my doctor tell me to stop treatment for the third time,

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