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So many of us who workout, exercise or engage in athletics on a regular basis, do it because of the feeling we get from it.  It’s an important part o f our life as it brings added energy, strength, balance and inner peace.   The drive to improve our emotional and physical state is what keeps us motivated and driven.
But then it happens- the Plateau, the ceiling.  We all eventually hit it.  Everyone knows it, the point that you just can’t get past.  It could be during a particular workout, yet for others it’s at that point during a sport that we just can’t move beyond.  You have been working on your golf swing for years, but you still lack precise balance and you can’t drive the ball as far as you know you can.  After with minutes into your boxing routine, you have lost focus, accuracy, and speed.  You get the picture….
But what if we could break through the ceiling?  How would it make you fill?  We all strive for our goals but one extremely important aspect of our routines that is often overlooked is Postural Alignment.  Optimal postural alignment is the key to better balance, strength, coordination, speed, focus, accuracy and precision.  This is the reason when we are learning a new sport, exercise routine, or adding a new element to our work outs, we always start with correct positioning, and technique.  The first step is always correct postural alignment.  Correct postural alignment begins in our heads.  No, not mentally, but physically.  In over 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in the optimal position.  This incorrect position of the jaw leads to a “domino effect” throughout the body.  Usually, the facial, neck and shoulder muscles become sore and therefore require more energy for their use.   When we require excessive energy input for these muscle activities, it results in inefficiency which leads to quick muscle fatigue, imbalance, and reduced strength out put .,  The most important effect of poor postural alignment is the lack of proper balance.
What is there was a simple way to reposition your jaw into the optimal postural position and give you better balance and improved upper body strength?  Could you reach your goals faster? Could you run that extra mile, swim those extra 5 laps, or increase your seeing speed to drive that ball further down the fairway?
There is such a way and it is called Pure Power Mouth guard (PPM).  This is no ordinary athletic mouth guard that you buy at a sporting goods store.  This specialized mouth guard is extraordinary in purpose, design, and function.  It combines the protective characteristics of traditional athletic mouth guards while maintain your jaw in the optimal physiologic and postural position.  By helping to properly align your jaw and facial muscles, PPM mouth guard will improve muscle recruitment and vertebral adjustment that is the unique edge you may need.
PPM was developed from a very effective and scientifically proven dental treatment for TMJ (tempromandibular joint) Disorder patients.  A neuromuscular repositioning orthotic was originally designed to treat TMJ patients and the pain associated with the syndrome, which includes clenching, headaches, dizziness and earaches.  These patients not only experienced a reduction in their symptoms, but they also experienced increased body strength and improved balance.  It was from there coincidental finding that PPM was adjusted and developed to improve athletic performance.
Professional athletes including the Kansa City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Scott McCarron (golf), Shaquille O’Neal, Joe Lowden (marathon runner) have all benefited from the PPM with improved balance, strength, and performance.  Fifteen National hockey teams have ordered the PPM so far.
If you are looking a more powerful golf swing, improved endurance, or general increased physical performance, Pure Power Mouth guard may help you get there.  For more information visit www.miamibeachdentistry.com.  Dr Hamid Nassery is in private dental practice in Miami Beach, FL.  Located at 757 Arthur Godfrey rd.  Emphasizing on esthetic, Implant, and Reconstructive Dentistry
Dr. Nassery is also now the official dentist for 5th Street Gym in south beach, original training facility for Muhammad Ali!!

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