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A typical interaction with my Endo.

Sep 30, 2010 - 2 comments






Twisted Helix:  The surgeon told me my nodule was malignant, but didn't give me very many details.  Could you tell me exactly what kind of cancer I have.

Endo (in a withering tone): Follicular variant of papillary carcinoma--if that helps.

Twisted Helix:  It helps, yes, to know the name.  I'll just research it.

Endo (snappishly):  You don't NEED to research it.  Nothing you find on the internet can change the outcome.  You need to have surgery and radio-iodine therapy.

Okay, so, erm, apparently what's happening with MY body is none of my business, and I should just stop worrying my pretty little head about it.  Follow doctor's orders.  I mean, I know what needs to be done, and I'm okay with it--but what's the guff about trying to understand it, UNDERSTAND what my body is going through, what I am going through?

Typical patriarchal doctor.  If I weren't stuck in this stupid, one-Endo town until I finish my Ph.D.--i'd fire this guy's ***, and get an Endo who wouldn't act as if I said I was going to eat raw babies for breakfast when I suggested I might, I don't know, do some reading or something.  Whatever.  

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by peggy64, Sep 30, 2010
I hear your frustration with the dr. I don't have cancer, but I do have the dr issue.  I now travel about 2 hours to see someone to treat my thyroid.

Best to you.


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by katbid, Mar 17, 2011

I don't know if you will read this because I noticed you posted in September.  But I was wondering how you are doing?  I was diagnosed in Jan with one nodule being classic papillary cancer and another nodule being follicular variant of papillary.  I have been trying to research this but haven't found any cases of someone having both.  I haven't really found much information on follicular variant.  

Did you have the TT and RAI?  I had my TT on New Years Eve andI had my RAI in Feb.  

Have you been given any information on what to expect with your treatment and prognosis

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