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Oct 04, 2010 - 2 comments

so i said to hubby last night, i know you don't like my size, you always say you do then when i lose the weight you say you prefer me small and slim but just say you love me any old way to keep me happy. and i also said i don't feel you are interested in the baby you won't even talk about it, he said he was in denial and that was the end of that conversation!
geez i want to enjoy this pregnancy despite all my worries but feel i can't because he's so bloody against it now. i can't talk future, names or anything its so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i asked him if he'd like to goto the scan on the 22nd but added if he had to work it was ok, he said well i got a couple of days to use up from work i might as well!!! huh don't kill yourself or anything i mean id hate to mess up your well rehearsed grumpyness....sir!
he so bloody frustrating, and makes me feel so arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i told him about my trousers breaking and he said ....and?
i said i need a couple of new pairs just to last til the end..........he said i gotto go to work.

what can a girl do? ive advertised some bits on my last journal in the hope of a swop or something but alas noone has even commented so i guess i'll have to wait til the NCT sale at the end of oct and pray someone is selling their size 16's maternity they have outgrown or no longer need.

its quiet today, ive hung out some washing and literally just rested as im sooo tired. i found in the back of the wardrobe the little outfit my first 2 children wore the first set of clothes, my 3rd child never got to wear as i couldn't find it but when i pulled it out of the bag there in the bottom was a small tape, and on it was my first borns HB in womb, and then his first coo's and cries up to 8 weeks old! it was so funny to listen to it! but im glad i found it, i did have of the other 2 but my mum taped over it so that was the end of that, still my son just turned 10 years oldso it was lovely to hear him all sweet and new xx

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1277082 tn?1344061420
by missybirt, Oct 04, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about your dh. maybe he's going through preterm blues. my husband acted the same way when I told him I was pregnant and then now after I misscarried he goes " why should we talk about it, its over with right". he has a way with him that just gits under your fingernails, he likes to say "take one day at a time". well when you are pregnant and excited and cant wait for all the stuff to happen one day at a time isnt going to work. I hope things get better between you guys..

1173196 tn?1292920090
by KarenDiane, Oct 04, 2010
My hubby was the same way with our last baby. It was so frustrating! He told me it just wasn't exciting for him until the baby was here. Don't let him get you down. As for the maternity wear, it mostly comes in S,M,L & XL over here. I'd be happy to send you my old stuff, but it's all summer clothes. Mostly shorts and tank tops, size L.

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