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Formula Feeding - Before you judge

Oct 04, 2010 - 31 comments

Before I start this, let me say that the vast majority of women that are able to nurse up to the recommended year or two do NOT behave in the way I am about to talk about.  But there are a few who seem to immediately judge in a very negative way those of us who have chosen to or had to move to formula. So, before they judge..

I am sort of sick of having to justify the fact that I have my son on formula instead of breast milk.  I am tired of some assuming that I am lazy, or just don't care about his health and well being.  I am tired of that "holier then though" attitude, and people that make assumptions without having any facts.

Lazy - really?  Do you honestly think that feeding formula is somehow easier?  Between sterilizing bottles, etc., washing them, boiling water and mixing, trust me, this is not easier.  It was far far easier when I was still nursing.  With my cape, I could nurse anywhere...I didn't have to pack any extra supplies or even really think ahead.  If he was hungry, I could feed no matter where I was.  Now I have to make sure I have planned enough bottles, run around trying to find hot water to heat them, etc.  Trust me, it is NOT easier.  

Not caring - The majority of moms do put their children and their needs first.  And unless you live in a box, you KNOW that nursing is better.  We do not need to be regularly reminded of this fact.  Perhaps think about some of our my case I had to go onto medication that is not good for him.  The medication was a necessity as I felt having a sane mother was equally as important as having a nursing one.  Some women I know just do not produce enough, or get infections, or whatever.  There are many reasons, and if you don't think that most of us who go to formula do not agonize over the decision, you would be incorrect.  However, whatever the reason, it truly is none of your business.  So skip the lectures and the "you know what's best" attitude.  You know what's best for your child, but you do not know what's best for mine.  

I have yet to meet someone who has switched to formula because it was what was best for them!  So please think before you judge, skip the looks and the lectures, and perhaps assume the best instead of the worse.

That felt good!!  I have wanted to get that out of my system for awhile.  

As I said, the majority of nursing moms do not behave this way, but I have come across a few and that is what prompted this.  

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1212800 tn?1329096589
by l0st_child, Oct 04, 2010
I agree and glad u wrote this..... I dnt have any kids yet but plan when my little men here on breast feeding but again THATS ONLY A PLAN, I had to watch my sister try to breast feed and she had to stop because she had an infection that would hurt the baby.... I think the majority of women want to breast feed there child beacause there are good factors and to eliminate the hard work, and cost of formula, but situations causes one to have to make a decision they didnt plan to make. I feel like as long as u are feeding ur baby and they healthy thats all that matters...

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by pertykitty, Oct 04, 2010
with my first i did both, till he was 7 months.  i worked full time and it was the right choice.  with addison i bf till she was 20 months, no formula. it was something so very important to me.  i can honestly say i was slightly judgemental about formula.  i guessi took it for granted and even though i had struggles with the begining of both, i felt "how could you feed your baby that crap" even though i had with my son.

now i have a baby that i cant nurse.  i pumped for a few months but after hour long pumping to do an hour long feeding just to have an hour, i couldnt do it so i stopped.  plus my dr put me on beds i CANNOT nurse so milk went bye bye.

i have a new outlook.  i have a new realization that it doesnt matter what anyone does with THEIR baby, i dont know their situation and really it doesnt matter.  its their body and choice and even though bm is best, babies do survive and grow healthy either way.  

i will always feel a sense of loss that i cant nurse macy, but i have to remember its not how i feed her but that i DO feed her lol.  

nobody better say sh!t to me because im a very vocal person and will claw anyone that judged my mothering skills lol

1301089 tn?1290670171
by Sarajmt, Oct 04, 2010
I understand exactly.  I couldn't breast feed because of a medication I took at the time.  And yes, I got the comments.  I finally blew up at one self righteous woman and explained unless she wanted to read about a dead infant in the paper to mind her own business.  That shut the big mouth up.  After that, I didn't take it smiling anymore.  I let every busybody have it with both barrels.  I was on my 3rd child by this time and was just flat fed up.  Certainly not polite but quite effective.

Every parent I believe does the best they can.  Some people's best is questionable, yes.  But most parents do what is best for the child, not themselves.  And for what it's worth, I KNOW you are a fantastically loving mother.

1169162 tn?1331235953
by nola0805, Oct 04, 2010
I am so glad that you wrote this and you are so right.  The vast majority of women that I know that have had to stop breastfeeding have done so with great sadness and negative judgments from others do not help at all.  I also have some friends who never wanted to breastfeed and don't and that is fine as well - we all get to make our own decisions. Life is hard enough and it would be so much easier if we would all spend less time judging others and more time supporting each other, or at least minding our own business.  I have had my own significant issues with breastfeeding and my lactation consultant keeps reminding me that the number 1 rule is always "feed the baby."      

1035252 tn?1427231433
by Ashelen, Oct 04, 2010
hear hear. with both babies I had to give up BFing after a month, but they got the colostrum which was the important part for me..and BOTH times, I cried...I prayed...I held on as long as possible, but in the end it was less stress aka BETTER for my babies to go to the bottle. It was very very hard and I felt like a failure as a mother. and shame on women for making other women feel like failures as mothers if they have breastfeeding issues! how cruel can we be to one another? I originally wanted to breastfeed for 6-12 months with both babies but it just didn't happen for me.

I'd like to say that big boobs do NOT equal better milk supply, lol. I'm a EE and had supply issues with both babies, but with my son there were other factors involved.

the ONLY person to make a comment (besides my mom, who's crazy anyway as you know)...was my cousin. and I told her "well gee I guess the baby sucked all the smart out of me and all was left was dumb because I had no idea breastfeeding was best! seriously? are you kidding me? of course I know breastfeeding is best. I tried. it failed. I"m moving on with my life and taking care of my babies as best as I am able." she never said anything again after that....

1173196 tn?1292920090
by KarenDiane, Oct 04, 2010
I LOVE this post! I've gotten it from both sides. I formula fed my first 3 because my family (mother, grandmother, MIL, SIL) had never BF and they all discouraged me when I showed interest. Of course this led to nasty comments and assumptions from strangers who assumed that I didn't love my baby. Now that I'm BF my 4th, my MIL insists on asking me constantly if the baby is getting enough to eat and making comments about his gas and BMs. At the same time, I'm running into women who I call breastfeeding nazis. These women assume that because I'm BF, I support their trashing of mothers who formula feed. I really don't understand why anyone cares how someone else is feeding their child. Honestly, I do not like BF. I don't enjoy it or find it to be conveniant. My husband and 3 older kids could help so much more if I formula-fed. I'm doing it because it's the best I can do but if I couldn't do it, I'd be happy with that too. BF is not the most important part of being a mother. It isn't even the best part.

741741 tn?1294287610
by TeddiH, Oct 04, 2010
Thank you for writing this! I feel the same way! And if its not enough already that I beat myself up about it I dont need someone else telling how 'breast is best'... I KNOW THAT!!!
Thanks again!!!

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Oct 04, 2010
Oh heck Amanda, my sister didn't nurse any of her three children not even for one second.  She had no interest in doing it.  And she is an AWESOME mother.  I have nothing but respect for the way she has raised her kids.  Nursing is a personal choice and no one should push their personal choice on another.  Even if a mom never tried nursing for a second, it doesn't mean they did not have their child's welfare at heart.  Formula is pretty darn good these days.

My story------------ Ha.  Nursed my first boy.  It was difficult.  On the first day home from the hospital-------- it wasn't going well.  Can you picture lots of blood involved???  Need I say more.  Ouch and double ouch.  My loving and obnoxious husband called the Le Leche League president for me that gave such fab suggestions as going topless (in January when it was freezing and while I'm a modern chick and all------ I do like to wear a little something around the house).  But I kept trying.  You go to the doctor's office when the baby is home from hospital in the first 3 days, right?  Well the doctor could tell I was struggling---------  and she said something like a "happy cow makes good milk" . . . so I should supplement with formula.  (had not really made the cow connection to myself until that point . . . thank you doctor).  So we started supplementing.  Oh, it was wonderful.  I'd nurse several times a day and that baby took a bottle of formula at other times.  Husband could do feedings with no involvement on my part at all!!!  And at 5 months, said baby said no more nursing---------- give me a bottle.  He weaned himself with NO help or influence from me.  

Baby number 2.  Okay, I'm a nursing pro and he was born a nursing champ.  Straight away nursing was easy. I loved that supplementing with bottle thing I did with first son so thought I'd relive history.   Problem.  he didn't seem interested in a bottle at all.  Hm. Okay.  Well they say to nurse exclusively for the first 3 to 4 weeks.  I do that and on the one month check up, doctor says he is not gaining weight fast enough.  I'm to feed him every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Okay.  I ask cautiously if that includes nights and they say yes without an ounce of empathy.  Okay.  So I begin this feeding schedule.  Still no bottles.  On and on --------- no bottles.   This kid would rather starve to death than take a bottle.  And he LOVED nursing.  And I enjoyed it too as it is great bonding with baby and it felt good to be so needed.  Um.  That eventually wore off and I wanted this kid off my boob!  Nope.  He wasn't having any of that.  No bottle and nursing was his favorite thing to do.  Oh, and he nursed for a good long time.  Longer than I care to mention.  

And guess what--------------  baby who did breast milk/formula combo and weaned to just formula has no allergies at 6.  Baby that nursed until I really had started to believe I WAS a cow----------- allergies galore at age 5.  My nursed child is no more healthy than my non nursed.  No smarter.  No better.  Nothing.  

So, I loved nursing and recommend it------------  but I realized about 3/4 of the hype about it is hog wash and every mom should just do what is best for their own family.  

End of story.  (was this my journal or yours?  LOL  sorry)

202436 tn?1326477933
by LosingMyMindInGA, Oct 04, 2010
AMEN!!!!  Very well said.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves...I hate howw you always hear how "easy" and "natural" breastfeeding is and that it just comes "instinctively" for mom and baby and that "everyone" can do it. NOT SO.  I have STRUGGLED to give 4 of my kids as much breastmilk as possible and it hasn't been easy.  I have had to supplement and only lasted wtih the breastmilk a few months.  I have a very hard time establishing a good supply.  I was never able to get a good latch with ANY of them and have had to resort to just pumping and bottle feeding the last two.  

The first time I tried to breastfeedI got so frusterated.  I saw a lactation consultant and went to a support group...those women all sat there nursing their babies like it was just the easiest thing in the world.  I sat there with nipples so sore the thought of putting on a BRA let alone sticking my baby on them was enough to make me wish for childbirth all over again instead.  I kept getting told...keep trying you'll get it, it's natural.  Well guess what I DIDN'T get it and I felt like such a huge failure as a mother.  I have since come to terms with my inadequecies in the lactation department and something I try to tell ALL expectant mothers who mention breastfeeding is to keep themselves open to bottle feeding if necessary.  Not everyone can get the hang of breastfeeding or can produce enough, it does not make you a failure, whatever your reasons.  

I chose to formula feed my oldest becuase at the time I was young and I didn't eat properly  I knew that in that situation it was best for my daughter to have formula to ensure she was getting proper nutrition, especially since she had such low birth weight (4 lbs 15 oz but full term)  

My response to anyone who has unwanted parenting advice about anything to do with my kids is this...."When you carry my child inside you for 9 months and give birth to him/her THEN and only THEN will you have a right to tell me what I should and shouldn't do, until then, mind your own business"

Yes breastmilk is supposed to make for healthier kids, smarter kids, etc.  Well lemme tell oldest, who was strictly formula fed, is the healthiest person in my house. Even when everyone else is sick as can be..she MIGHT get a tummy ache or a sniffle.  She is also extremely smart...she has made straight A's since she started getting letter grades and has just started high school with ALL honors classes.  So, to all those who think that formula fed babies are sicker and dumber... well, to put it are idiots.  

Like Ashelen said...bigger boobs do NOT make for better milk supply and they can also make for a much harder time getting a good latch.

389974 tn?1331018842
by swampcritter, Oct 04, 2010
Swampy kinda scratches his noggin over this "debate" ... since swampcritters can't have milk (when they are young, at least), he was formula fed on soybean secretions. He never felt like he missed anything. In fact, some humans who were breastfed strike Swampy as nuttin but boobs.

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Oct 04, 2010
Nothing can I say other than AMEN!!!!  I also had nursing issues with Jay.  I attempted it at the hospital but Jay never latched on properly and was starving so we supplemented.  Still I attempted to nurse and had to get a pump to bring down my milk.  Finally I went to a lactation class and got a hang of it but my son wanted on my boob every 15 minutes.  I always felt like he was starving so I just supplemented and like specialmom eventually I wasn't producing enough milk to satisfy him and he just wanted the bottle.  He weaned himself at 2 months.  I was sad though, I loved the few times a day that we did bond over the breastfeeding.  But I can't regret my choices.  They were the best for me at the time.  

1035252 tn?1427231433
by Ashelen, Oct 04, 2010
so true GA...I always had to roll a blanket up under each boob to get them to be shaped like something even resembling an easy-to-reach was ridiculous. and the WEIGHT....

LOL Swampy you cracked me up..nuttin but boobs. I like that.

127124 tn?1326739035
by have 2 kids, Oct 04, 2010
My struggles with this were many, many years ago but I still remember the nasty comments.    

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Oct 04, 2010
Wow, I can see I am not the only one that has felt judged over this issue.  One of the things that truly amazes me is that the ones that are hardest on new moms are other moms.  I would love to see more support and encouragement, and less critism.  Until you have walked in my shoes so to speak.

I want to point out that there are many strong advocates of breast feeding that do not behave in a judgemental manner.   When I was posting a fair amount over on the breastfeeding forum, the CL there was very supportive and helpful.  She is a huge advocate and had great advice (and offered a ton of encouragement).  She helped me a great deal as I struggled through this.  But never once did she judge me or make me feel like less of a mom because of the decision I had to make.

There are others who take a "you are a horrid mother and breastfeeding is the ONLY way to take care of your child" attitude.  As Karen said...breastfeeding Nazi's...those are the ones I take issue with.

Swampy, you made me laugh as!

I did miss breastfeeding...still do.  And it was an exceedingly difficult decision to make.  As with any decision concerned Ryder's well being, I do look at all the options and weigh them carefully.  Ultimately it was his Pediatrician (a very respected women in this city...she takes care of the Dr.'s kids, and I am lucky to have gotten in with her) that told me I had to weigh risk vs. benefit, and although she was always hesitant to recommend a switch to formula, she felt in this particular case it was in his best interest.  I guess it just bugs me that I constantly feel the need to justify my actions to those who would love to pass judgement.  I'm not going to anymore. GA, I am adopting your response...I like that!!

My little boy is healthy, happy and thriving.  Besides a few colds, and now an ear infection he has been the picture of health.  So I guess so far so good.

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by lovemykids465, Oct 04, 2010
Man, I needed this post 16 years ago.  I nursed all of mine but my first one would not latch on, it was pure hell. The hospital sent up a woman from launche, a nursing group. She made me feel so guilty for wanting to give up so I pressed in. Kate finally did latch on but at 3 weeks old got very ill and had to be put on a bottle for a few days. She never wanted to nurse again, so I pumped for 11 STINKING months! What a pain. Then we found out she was not digesting my milk so she was put on a special formula. 19 months later my son was born, He latched on right away but I would not introduced a bottle to him b/c I was so scared he would choose that over nursing ( who Cares right!) So for 18 months I could not go anywhere for more then 2 hours at a time b/c I had to be back to feed my baby. You want to know the funny thing? I have an immune disorder so there were really no health benefits given to my children from my breast milk! The bonding was amazing but I believe you can also bond just as well while bottle feeding. And I agree with Ashlen bottle feeding is much harder. It is not the lazy way. To me one of the greatest benefits of breast feeding is not having to deal with bottles. So bottle feeding is not the lazy woman's option.

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by lovemykids465, Oct 04, 2010
That is lalecha .

470885 tn?1326332637
by Limonada, Oct 04, 2010
I agree - even though I've been able to nurse both of my sons without any issues whatsoever.  I'd NEVER think of judging any other woman for not's a personal choice.  I started supplementing at 3 months with my youngest son and had completely weaned him by 6 months - we were both done at the same time, it worked out perfectly.  My youngest (now 8 months), on the other hand.....I've actually been trying to wean him, but he doesn't want anything to do with that!! lol   So, a bit of an opposite scenario to what many of the posters who've commented on this journal have experienced.

I actually spoke to a La Leche League leader on Friday about my situation (my youngest is below average weight and the doctor thinks I should wean him....).  Before contacting LLL, I actually must admit that I thought of them as "breastfeeding nazis"...and the woman I spoke to was actually quite pleasant, not trying in any way to tell me that I SHOULDN'T, under any circumstances, wean or - gasp! - attempt to get him to drink formula.  I mean, she was obviously pro-BFing, but her approach was much softer (and less judgemental) than I was expecting....

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Oct 04, 2010
I actually think LL is a really good organization.  Like any organization there are those that get a trifle too fanatical, but for the most part the things I have heard are positive.  There is a world of difference between supporting, encouraging and dictating/judging.  LL is like any other organization...much depends on who you talk to there.

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by cheshchesh819, Oct 04, 2010
i was nagged and nagged by nurses when i had my first child,and i kept saying no so i got the talks how it is so much better for your baby,how wrong were theymy milk was infected so imagine if i listened to them,so no breast aint always best

229760 tn?1291471470
by rdh1981, Oct 04, 2010
I LOVE this journal!! I pumped for 8 months and had to stop due to low production. It was killing me trying to pump at recess (school teacher) and I was just not making enough. Finally after Cruz's Pedi talked to me about it and said that I gave him 8 wonderful months and that formula was not going to harm him. I switched. It was a very sad thing for me. I was so ashamed to mix formula in public but that got old quick.

There have been some very nasty people on here about BF'ing and I am very glad you started this journal! Maybe they will read this and keep their mouth's closed!

773214 tn?1295138669
by DMarie919, Oct 04, 2010
couldn't agree more.  I have struggled with my decision this time around as last time it didnt work for me to BF...I feel like everyone makes you feel so guilty if you don't BF.  Thanks for writing this journal.  Just because we might decide to formula feed doesn't mean we love our children any less.  

1194973 tn?1385507504
by Clysta, Oct 04, 2010
I like this journal too, even though I too am breastfeeding. (with very little supplementing) I hate people that judge others on how they choose to raise their children. So many people assume everyone can do the same as them and in reality there are many factors that affect choices. I feel blessed that my baby and I can BF with few issues beyond latching properly. No one way is right. What's right is what works for you and your family. If baby is healthy and happy that's all that matters.  

951477 tn?1293072287
by Ladybugbc, Oct 04, 2010
This is a very good journal Adgal..  
Oh how I wish I could tell those random nosey bi#ches off when they try to give me parenting advise at the grocery store. You just saw my son a few minutes ago and YOU know how to raise him better than me!!

Super model Giselle Bundchen got a lot of heat recently for saying "breast feeding should be made mandatory by law"! What an ourtageous comment when so many women who would love to breast feed but are not able to!!

People should butt out and let parents make the dicisions as to what works for them and their babies.

And as a breast feeding mother; I agree.. bottle feedings are so much harder. Specially those late night feedings.  

127529 tn?1331844380
by mum2beagain, Oct 04, 2010
*claps* round of applause for Amanda!
What works for one doesn't always work for another babies or mom's. Bottom line is the vast majority of us are trying to do the best we can in the situations we are in, as long as WE know that everyone else can go jump as far as I am concerned.
Not so much the nursing/bottle feeding nasty comments for me (and I have done both) but boy I have heard all sorts on how I should be raising and disciplining my child...duh he has special needs...although he may look like a perfectly normal child he has a whole load of stuff going on that I am not even going to begin to explain to some judgmental stranger on the street. I have come up with some quick and handy phrases to fire back over the years but I'll save them for some other journal!

906115 tn?1344204109
by 30something13, Oct 04, 2010
whew, waht alot of respmce to your post! I have gotten to BF all four babies so far thank God, I did have to stop feeding the first at 8 months, dr's orders so I could not mc. WIsh I knew he was wrong but we do what is best for our little ones with what we know and all we can do!

I commend you on the time you were able to BF, I know how special that is to us moms. So sorry you were forced with such a decision, we should not have to make those heart renching ones till they are teens:) LOL

You are NOT one of the mothers who fall into the catagory of formula feeding becasue you are lazy! Those are the moms who don't care for their little ones and pass them all around to whoever will take them so they can run around, drink, party etc... No other mommy falls into that catagory!

I think one poster said something about her female family did not BF so she did not ahve the support, It takes cupport, incouragement and someone who knows about it when problems occur. It is hard fo rmany moms for that fact!

Hope you all the best in feeding in whatever way that may be:)

550943 tn?1330731180
by Tiger63, Oct 04, 2010
I have learnt that some women can be so quick to judge and ridicule when it's really none of their business. Like you said there are so many reasons people choose breast or bottle and the whole family really needs to be considered before making a choice. I had a lot of trouble getting the hang of breastfeeding due to my c-section and low milk supply, my husband supported me whiles others gave me "advise" that was not wanted and many said that i was stupid and should just put DD on the bottle. We got the hang of it after two months and like you said it was easy and convient. no bottles! I couldn't imagine having to wash and make and heat up bottles in the night!

I think all mother's should be commended on being a mum because no matter what you do it's a challenge :)

I also have been judges for feeding my fourteen month old "because she is too old". My mother taught me "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" - some of these judging people need to use this rule.

203342 tn?1328740807
by April2, Oct 04, 2010
22 years ago when I had my first born it didn't seem the "in thing" to breastfeed and it wasn't even encouraged to me. I didn't even think about it. He was bottle fed. He was very healthy, hardly ever sick. I think part of that may have been because I was a stay at home mom and thankfully didn't have to have him in daycare around other kids picking up germs, etc. As for intelligence, he was tested at reading at an 11th grade level in 6th grade. He was so smart he had a hard time relating to other kids his age. He's now all grown up and still too smart for his own good!

Yes, I agree that breastfeeding should be encouraged and is best and I did try it with my third child and loved it, but unfortunately had health issues that forced me to quit way too early and I was terribly disappointed. I really did want to continue with him but with the medications and surgery I had to have I could no longer breastfeed.

All my kids have been pretty healthy for the most part and I'm grateful for that. My daughter is strictly breastfeeding her little one and he is a chunky, healthy, beautiful boy who so far has not ever been ill. :)

I think it's easy to make quick judgements on people because that's easier than getting to know their story or situation. I try to remember everyone has a story and everyone is doing the best they can.

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by singingjen, Oct 04, 2010
You should all check out the Fearless Formula Feeders blog!  The author is writing a book and doing a short film series on this exact subject.  She also posts stories from mothers who had lots of breastfeeding challenges and switched to formula, chose formula from the start, and more.  It is a very supportive place for breast and bottle feeders alike!  It saved my sanity when I was feeling like a failure!

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Oct 18, 2010
In my opinion, I still 100% believe that breast feeding is absolutely what is best.  And as I have said, the majority of nursing moms do not behave this way...they understand that not all of us have the same circumstances.  I really miss breastfeeding, and now that I am off the medication I was taking that prevented me from continuing, I am hoping that if I am lucky enough to have another baby I can breastfeed at least a year. I think the main reason for this journal was because of the few I have run into that have made a snap judgement about me (and clearly others here have felt the same) because I now use formula.  I am a pretty open book and comfortable discussing almost anything.  I don't mind people (even strangers) asking me why I made the decision I did.  My frustration comes with the immediate negativity I have experienced on this issue.

As for nursing at 14 months....I say good for you!!  I believe the current recommendation is to nurse for 2 years if you can.  

Basically I guess I would just like to see all us moms go easier on each other.  We all have different lives and different challenges and I would love to see more support and understanding and a little less judging.  At the end of the day we all want the same thing....what is best for our children.  

1173537 tn?1326689405
by SabrinaB39, Oct 18, 2010
I also believe nursing is the best. Why? becuase it is the natual way and tha is all mother's did before formula.  However, events in one's life may not allow the mother to breastfeed.  I BF my 3 kids. My son for 6 weeks, my 1st daughter for 6 months and my 3rd daughter for 2 months.....I dried up. What else could I do? It never happened with the first two.  When this happened I turned to soy based formula which I personally feel is best for infants.  Regular formula is made from cows milk.  If they can't drink it straight from the gallon jug then why would I want my child to drink a powder version of it? Only to deal with spit up, gas and irratability.  You don't get any of this with soy based formula.  I am now 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th and last child and will BF as lang as I can and pump.  I work FT and only get to take 8 weeks off. I know I will eventually have to supplement with formula and will turn to my trusty soy based.

People need to mind their own business and keep their comments to themselves when it comes to what and how you feed your child.  I would never make a comment to a mother like that even if I didn't agree with her choice.

1466382 tn?1293080958
by Darafina, Oct 23, 2010
I loved breast feeding! My baby bonded with me the moment she came out.  She was a latcher for sure, she didn't make it at all difficult.  She didn't like formula though...probably the reason why I continued till the day I found out I was pregnant for the third time.  I miscarried the one in the middle...I didn't stop breastfeeding the first one even though it was probably something I should have done. She just didn't want formula! I guess I was too old to be able to do both at the same time because the baby inside me didn't grow past 5 weeks even though I didn't fully miscarry till 11 weeks(Feb 2010). Now I am fully off the breast feeding.  I can tell my baby misses it but I don't want to even tempt fate this time. Besides at 12 months, I started giving her whole milk and she was drinking that along with breast milk till about 16 months and then I had to get her off the boobie. Although my boobs are still producing milk for some reason...I thought it would have dried up by now. Curious.

I don't know where the elitist attitude that comes from formula feeding vs breast feeding is about.  Both my sisters formula fed all their children. I'm the oldest and the only one who ended up breast feeding. I was the oddball of the sisters, I guess. I am the oldest daughter with the youngest child.

I would recommend breast feeding because of the bonding between you and the child is a great feeling. If you choose not too, it doesn't really matter to me.  It's just my opinion. I think people are allowed to have their own opinion on things. No one should take something like that too seriously.  It really is all about choice. I heard that some people can't even breast feed so I just feel bad that they don't have the same option.  They have such great brands of formula out there now packed with nutrients and extras so there really isn't anything that you should feel the need to defend. My baby just didn't like formula and actually breast feeding is the lazier way of doing things! All I had to do was pull out the boob and lift the baby into position. If anything, I was too lazy to feed my baby from a much work LOL. I'm the breast feeding mom cause I was too lazy to get up and make a bottle.  I hated pumping my boob so took SOOO LONG! Talk about lazy! Probably because we got the cheap pump ha! I would have given her formula but she did NOT like it.  She must have liked the spicy foods I was eating. HA!

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