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im still hoping for a miricle

Oct 04, 2010 - 1 comments

ok girls i need your help, but in return im hoping im going to be able to help you x

i broke the zip on my trousers this morning so im now down to 2 pairs of trousers on rotation that fit,and they won't fit when i reach that final month when i get really huge as everyone does in those last few weeks. i don't want to spend out too much on clothes, we all know how expensive they can be, and i bought a whole new wardrobe in my last pregnancy......... im hoping you can help me out.
my last pregnancy i was a size 10 to 12 but this time i was a 16 when i started out and so none of my newly bought clothes from my last pg fit! i hurt my back last year hence when i fell pg i was 2 stone heavier so im in depserate need of size 16 trousers/jeans/skirts.
if any of you have some and don't need them can we come to some arrangement????

in return i have a huge list coming with all my NEARLY NEW  clothes which i am willing to part with should any of you been in a similar dilema to myself.
i have taken photos of all so let me know if you want to look at anything in particular and i'll post it in my photos slot xx
#1   size12 beige/natural Over Bump trousers
#2   size 12 denim Over Bump long skirt
#3   size 12 Dorothy Perkins 3/4 length under bump jeans, these were my fav last pg! they look great on!!!!
#4     size 12 Next beige shorts, over bump
#5     size 10 grey Blooming Marvelous cargo style pants
#6      size 12 Jojo Mamen Bebe BF dress in a plum sort of colour
#7    size 12long black over bump black cargo style pants
#8      size 12 denim under bump light denim jeans
#9      size 12 Navy blue trousers/3/4 length like capri style sort of over the ankle
#10     size 10 (Euro40) Verbaudet over bump black trousers: these are lovely nearly new and great if you work!
#11     Size 10 (euro40) as above Verbaudet trouser over bump but pink. They look lovely on esp with a white top! (see #13)
#12   size 10/12 light blue floral maternity dress from Mothercare, only worn once to a wedding!
#13   size 14 (euro42) verbaudet white long sleeve shirt with back tie bit. This is a lush top and again hardly worn, looks fab with the items #10 and #11 and great if you're working and need to look presentable or dressed up with a nice necklace for an evening out!

as ive said ive taken pikkies if you want to see anything, apologies ive not ironed any of it yet but its been washed xx

im so grateful for anyone who reads this or looks at the clothes, i am desperate for any help anyone can give xx

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by SunWorshiper_26, Oct 05, 2010
I'm so wishing we were in close size right now bc you have some fabulous items!!  I have some maternity clothes a friend gave me but they are a small and I can't squeeze into them if I thought they would fit id pass them your way! :). I'd suggest posting this in the forums too even just as if you want to trade clothes check out my journal. I bet there are many ladies out there who would be interested.  I especially wish the skirt would fit I'd pay you for it. I've been looking for maternity skirts with little luck. I'm a size medium/size 6 or 8.

If I hear of anyone who is looking I'll let you know!

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