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Day 46

Oct 04, 2010 - 3 comments

No such a good day.  PAWS hitting again.  Weird feelings.  Depression, fatigue.  On vacation, but not relaxing much.  Think the stress is not helping.  Who complains about a vacation?  Lol.  This too shall pass.    

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1465202 tn?1286226847
by eyes9000, Oct 04, 2010
Most nothing lasts forever and you are not alone.  :)

1292938 tn?1333273242
by bethwillprevail, Oct 04, 2010
Thanks for the encouragement.  I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.  The PAWS comes and goes in blocks of days (so far).  From what I read, it will get less and less over time.    

1404852 tn?1327118763
by rmfai1, Oct 05, 2010
vacations can be both stressful and relaxing, it just trying to get that balance. I hope thing will start coming for you :)

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