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Does it even matter?

Oct 05, 2010 - 3 comments

When you try to care about people? Try to be there for them, listen and support them. When is it my turn? When do I get to cry on their shoulder? When do I get to hear "how are you?", and know that they really mean it.

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by laurel453, Oct 05, 2010
How are you ? :)

how is the itching ? i read that you are still suffering.... no other  symptoms ?

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by JadedSweetheart, Oct 05, 2010
We are here to listen and support you!  The forum has been really quiet lately but more people will be back on again when things settle down for them.  How are things going for you?  Do you have an appt with the doc to talk about the pain?  The PM forum can be a difficult place to get support when we are all going through a rough patch at the same time.  Hang in there, though, we do care!

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by GracethruFaith, Oct 05, 2010
Hi Laural, the itch is getting some better. Thank heavens for Aveeno lol Just the new side and lower back radiating pain. I need to get it checked out. It could be kidney infection but I am also worried about stones. TY for asking.

Hi Jaded, I know you care and are always so kind. I was just kind of venting in general. It didn't all have to do with the board sorry to seem like a whiner lol I am getting the pain checked out asap. TY so much.

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