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First ultrasound (HELP?)

Oct 05, 2010 - 1 comments

Had my first ultrasound yesterday, boy was I excited! Couldn't concentrate at work at all, just thinking about the u/s and i everything was going to be ok... And I was really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again ater two weeks. He had promised me, sworn to me that he would be there to see our baby for the first time. It gave me hope that maybe he was going to get interested after all.

So I had my appointment at 8 in the evening, had to be there 19.45 and told DB many many many times throughout the week that he had to be on time because I couldn't afford to wait on him. For those who don't know, he lives in Germany, abou 1,5 hour drive away from me. He said he'd be there on time, even though it was gonna be his first day at the new job. At 19.00 I still hadn't heard from him, if he was on his way over or not. Then the phone rang. It was his home number. I called back, said: "Are you still in Germany??" I couldn't quite believe it.
"Yeah, I just got back from work." he replied.
"But then you're never gonna make it in time to see the baby." I nearly cried at this point.
"No, unfortunatly. What was I gonna do?!"

I told him 'whatever' after that and hung up. I was soooo disappointed and felt so left alone that I cried all the way to the doc. All the pregnant ladies there had their hubbies/boyfriends with them, that made me cry even harder :( Afterwards when I came back home I tried to call him, but he didn't answer. He hadn't even come to see the pictures or the DVD of the ultrasound, my parents were furious because he had promised that we would all sit down and talk about how to deal with the situation. He just didn't show.

So, now I don't know if I overreacted on this, but I wrote to him on ICQ (since he wouldn't pick up his phone) that things between us are over. I won't take his child from him, he can visit him/her as much as he wants once he/she is born, but right now I can't deal with the disappointment any more. He cancels EVERYTHING, mostely an hour before. I would look forward to spending a weekend together, only to have him cancel in the very last hour before he'd pick me up. Am I overreacting on this? Should I have tried talking to him again first? I miss him terribly, but I'm afraid it's gonna continue this way and disappoint my baby too. Maybe it's too late for talking now anyways. Haven't heard from his since that phonecall yesterday :(

Preggo with numero uno
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by Shayne1989, Oct 06, 2010
I'm so sorry about things with your bf. I don't think your overreacted, like you said its become a pattern that he cancels on you last minute but then to do it for your first u/s!? I would try talking to him again and telling him how you feel about him canceling all the time and just get everything thats been bothering you off your chest. Whatever the outcome you can make it through this, its tough but to me you seem like a very strong woman and can do this with or without your man. I hope for his sake he gets his crap together and realizes for himself how special you and your baby to be is and wants to be a part of that. If you ever need to talk to someone you can always PM me, i'm always willing to listen =]

Congrats on seeing your little peanut! its always amazing seeing their little heart beating!

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