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Herpes Resolve, Does it work??

Oct 06, 2010 - 4 comments

cure herpes

I was wondering if anyone one here has heard of or tried a product called resolve herpes, When I found out last month I was diagnosed with genital herpes, I was horrified. I went in for my usual check up and complained to the dr. about symptoms that I thought were a typical yeast infection. When she visually examined me she said it looks 98% like herpes. I told her I wanted confirmation so she took a viral from my open sore and confirmed with me a few days later it was positive.

Anyways, I also confirmed with a follow up visit with a type specific blood test. Turns out I'm positive for genital herpes and negative for oral. But I think the test results are skewed, I think I'm positive for both. Anyhow, given this I didnt even know what to do. I looked online and did a ton of research for any treatements, cures, homeopathy, etc. I personally believe in homeopathy and not reliant upon pharmacutical companies, I mean look at accutane for example. It is FDA approved and now they recalled it and I heard that people got chronic illnesses from taking it. I remember I asked the dr. for it when i was a teen bc i had really bad acne and heard that stuff worked. The dr. himself told me he wasnt a fan of the product it wasnt safe and i would have to get it from another dr. so i figured might as well just have the acne...just to find out later that people are suing for damages using accutane.

Anyways, sorry to get off track. As I was saying. Has anyone tried resolve herpes? I finally purchased the kit, mostly out of desperation. I couldnt find any evidence that it actually worked but nor could I of people who actually used the product and it didnt work. So, $300 later I decided I am going to give it a try. Today was my first day using the minerals. I have no side-effects to report other than a few rashes here and there. After putting dynamaclear they have disappeared. I just hope this treatement is safe and effective since its not FDA approved or even USA approved.

I dont know about anyone else who has this disease, but I dont want to just sit around doing nothing but letting the virus lay dormant and replicate itself and come back and reoccur when my immune system is down. I want to, and will do whatever it takes to fight this disease. As I read on dherebs website. I quote, " a virus is a disease, a disease derives from the latin word poison" so herpes is nothing but a poisoness disease or parasite inside your body. It injects itself inside your cells DNA and using your central nervous system, more specifically its host. Well, I believe if poison came in, then poison can come out. Your body was made to destroy viruses such as this, however, it is preoccupied fighting off all the other viruses in your body.

That is why I decided to purchase this detox system. I think it was a little pricey and I could have found a cheaper detox system, but like I said I cant say it didnt work unless I tried it myself. I read something on one site that a person gave really good reference as to what may work. I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That person said he was cured of the herpes virus and this is what he did. He used a detox, such as resolve herpes to eject the herpes virus from the cells, then he used a viral detox, which cleared the virus from the blood, then he used a full body detox to get rid of any remaining particles left in the open and on top of that used a parasite/liver cleanser. I know this sounds like a lot of work, and yes it is going to be expensive. I figure around almost $800 for everything, but at this point I will pay every penny in my bank account to get rid of this nasty virus not just for me but for my son as well.

No, I do not have alot of money. I am a poor college student just barely trying to make it as it is. But like I said I dont have the time or energy to just sit around and hope that one of these Dr.s, such as Dr. Cullen, will have a vaccine or cure soon. I would make a donation if I felt that it would make a difference and speed up the initial stage but in reality, I read he is looking 5, 10, and even 20 + years into the future. He hasnt even gone beyond testing mice yet. There is still clinical trials and toxicity trials, etc...years and years. And it looks like there just interested in creating a vaccine for those who have not yet been infected, well what about us? the 80% that have been infected? I dont believe the government cares about our condition since it isnt "fatal". But I dont know about you but this "infectous disease" so it appears on my test results, has completely changed my life in a negative way.

I try really hard to be positive about the whole thing, mostly to trick my immune system into not thinking i am depressed so it wont let the herpes virus get the best of it. I have also competely changed my lifestyle. Everything I eat now is either organic or close to it. I cut out all the food in which the herpes parasites live off of, such as choclate, sodas, etc anything with argatine. And try the best I can to keep my alkaline level up high, because I read that the parasites cannot live in an alkaline rich environment. Anyways, if anyone has tried anything else that has worked please let me know. I am up to trying anything, I will even go to another country if I believe they have a cure/vaccine. Which I must mention, I read somewhere on that a guy said his friend used some chinese herbs, "ye kneow" that supposedly cure chicken pox with anti virals to cure his genital herpes. Supposedly he had an outbreak similiar to the primary and it cured him.

I guess it is suppose to eradicate the virus and get the whole virus out of latency at the same time and the anti-virals are used to kill it. I tell you what, that is what these Dr.s are working on right now and they are taking forever and a half to find it. If this program I am going to try doesnt work, next step. Im planning on going to Thailand, since thats the only place i can get these herbs, Ive already tried looking them up online and i even went to a few thai international food markets around here, and they said i can only purchase them there so go figure. I will book a flight to Thailand and get those chicken pox cure herbs and take it with od of antivirals, since the antivirals we use do kill the virus, its just that the entire virus is not active thats why we still have it. Only a part of it reactives during a reoccurance.

Anyways, if you read all this thanks so much. And please let me know what has worked for you. I just want to say real quick. I have done some more research this week and found some stuff on collodial silver, oxygenation MMS, DMS, and Ozone treatement that looks promosing. I will eventually end up trying all of these. I will not sit back and let the FDA tell me there is NO CURE while I sit there giving THEM all my money to stay on supressive medication for the rest of my life. I would rather DIE. If you are interested in my journey, I will be posting my results of my detox every 5 days or so, prematurely if anything out of the ordinary occurs. Its a total of 50 day detox for the first one and another 20 for the second then another i think 20-30 for the last. I will give you my honest opinion as to what works, what doesnt work, side effects, symptoms, and answer any questions you may have.

Whats in it for you? Well, you save the $ if it doesnt work. And i am a volunteer guiney pig so you will know what works/doesnt work if you are on the fence of trying anything just like me. I am skeptical too, dont get me wrong. But I am also hard headed and determined. Maybe there isnt a cure, but I will stop at nothing to find out and KNOW for sure. You cant always take someones word for it, nobody has tried everything. Im sure there is a cure out there.......

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by spearman1, Nov 10, 2010
I got my life back. The resolve team SAVED MY LIFE.!!!!!!

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by Wchester95, Nov 13, 2010
Sorry, You're not going to like this but... I completed Resolve about 16 months ago and WAS a convert up until about a month ago. While it certainly had some kind of effect on me at the time (and I remained completely symptom free for that period) but I'm now back to getting outbreaks which are now more frequent and more intense. I even did the booster after the main Resolve protocol. For those 16 months I thought I was cured but now I know I wasn't. Prior to Resolve I had VERY mild out breaks every 4-8wks. I really thought it had worked as advertised as I went thru all the "side effects" that Resolve claimed as proof that the product was working.

Like you, I figured I needed to find out for myself and $300 was a small price to pay for the potential outcome. Now I'm back to square one. I hate the thought of going back to expensive drugs like Valtrex but that may be my only option (other than no drugs and just live with it). I stayed connected to some of the hub pages with other folks who were taking Resolve and some who had already completed it. To be honest, while some saw similar results to that I experienced, it seemed that all were temporary like my experience has turned out to be. Many folks tried to tell us who were actively taking it it was a scam but all us "beleivers" had higher hopes. Sadly, now I'm in the nay-sayer crowd. Think about it... if this were for real how quickly do you think the word would get out and don't you think you'd see folks popping out of the woodwork saying they were cured! I challenge you to Google search for those reports or people, you won't find them.

I'd probably even be willing to give it a second try but not for the cost or lack of support from Resolve. Something is "fishy" there. My experience with the folks at that company is that you rarely get personal responses, but instead canned generic and often incomplete answers to any inquiry. After going thru the whole process I also got to wonder about the toxicity of the product. Remember this is NOT FDA approved. Who knows what that stuff is really doing to your body. I took the risk once. Not sure I'd do it again unless I found something REALLY convincing.

HPV isn't the end of your life or any potential relationship, don't buy into that lie. Be careful, stay informed, be up front and honest with those you have relationships with (EVEN AFTER RESOLVE!!!!) and don't let HPV define who you are or your life.

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by Wchester95, Nov 13, 2010
Forgot to mention... I also tried WipeOut, and Monolaurin . I took both for nearly a year. All this seems for not now.

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by peticular, Dec 28, 2010
Resolve sounds like a crack of BS,
If it could the product worked it would be all over the news.

They are making claims which is a big "NO NO" with the FDA.

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