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feeling restless

Oct 06, 2010 - 5 comments

ok forgive me if this rambles on a bit, im sooo restless and my last post, tho is states 6 hrs ago i ony wrote about half an hour ago.
ok so its 12.18 on wednesday 6th of October 2010 and im sat in my bedroom as i can't be bothered to carry the laptop downstairs. I woke rather early this morning hence the tiredness which is shrouding me. the twitch in my eye began shortly on opening my eyes! after dropping the older children at my friends house for delivery to school i proceeded in the opposite direction to take my youngest to school. luckily we were the first there, i hate seeing anyone else, they don't even bother to say good morning or anything.
even Marsha who i had my hens from doesn't speak anymore goodness whys, oh and its her little one who's been bulling my baby. anyhow she wanted to goto school and i left her with her teacher.
i came home and decided id tidy up and sort out two large drawer units i have so that i can find all my cards and papers, as i really have to get more nice cards made ready to sell and make some money, only after about an hour and a half i couldnt be bothered. it will have to be done soon tho as dave finishes my new craft room off on friday and i can formally move in yay! nice shelves will don all my georgeous cards and all my equipment and the kitchen will revert back to its former huge self.
my new desks have been ordered to arrive friday and my crafting lady said she couldn't wait as id spent half her lesson yesturday evening filtering thru so much stuff to find things to demonstrate a technique to her. its been hard work these past few months having it all stashed on the landing and in the kitchen, ive had things go missing somewher in the chaos and will be glad to get my hands on them again!
the house is dusty, the hens need another tidy out, the cats moping for more food...strange as i have wormed him, but he still seems hungry all the time.
talking of hunger, thats all ive done too, ive not got worms tho! i can assure you of that! nope its where im tired and thats why (although i have eaten tons lately.)
the weather looks interchangeable and i have to do the school run again at 3pm, little one from school then 20 min drive back past my house to the older ones school, fingers crossed it wont rain as i wont get to them for 20 mins after school and they have to wait in the top playground for me so i don't get told off by head teacher for `abandoning my children at the school gate` just becuz im late xx

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1303813 tn?1303162962
by Cassandrajane, Oct 06, 2010
Its not going to rain! Hahahaha.
Awhh... everything is going to be okay.. Your hens are laying eggs, is Fern still giving you what for??
bless her, and tbh you dont need friends like that if they aint gonna talk to you and allow their kids to bully others... in a nice way, but if your kids bully others... shows what the parents are like to their kids!! And they were taught nothing. You're such a goooood mummy unlike her!
I am literally dosing off at my desk hahahaha


1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Oct 07, 2010
ha ha that's the downer after the sugar rush from that lolly ha ha ha
yea ive resided myself to the fact that they're just jealous of my new life, they aqll expected my children not to get on after 5 years of the school telling me i had a problem son and now he's thriving in a school where he has loads of friends and loves going to school, does his homework and loves doing it its such a change he's a different child and i know its not him it was the old school. they just hate that he's got better opportunitys now.

yea ferns still laying had 2 eggs yesturday but she gives me what for stil ha ha ha she has a bit of a temper, well she is the light red hen LOL

1240856 tn?1333443954
by loved29, Oct 07, 2010
i love really ur jornals...there are so chatty and friendly...just love the way you descibe everything so well...funny too

1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Oct 07, 2010
ahh thank you i thought i just rambled on, i generally just type what ever is on my mind at the time and then hopefully it makes sense to someone xx

1303813 tn?1303162962
by Cassandrajane, Oct 07, 2010
Hahahahahhahaha.. Go Fern LOL... awh yay!

They are sillies, because you're lovely, I'll come bash them up! LOL...



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