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Soma and breastfeeding???

Oct 06, 2010 - 2 comments

I have major back problems, so the dr. prescribed me Soma.  Soma is a pain killer, but I'm worried about taking it because I'm breastfeeding.  My dr. said it's ok to take while breastfeeding, but what I read on the internet it says do not take while breastfeeding.  I have a call out to the lactaction nurse but she has not called me back yet.  Has anyone heard of the pill Soma and should I take this while breastfeeding?  I would love to hear opions on this.

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by rghkah38, Oct 06, 2010
How about lortab?

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by forestdweller167, Oct 06, 2010
hi. this is

forestdweller. i can tell you a couple stories, that may ease your mind, and may help you make a decision. i know that when you are breast-feeding, you are "NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THIS, OR THAT!"  Well, I was in a horrific car accident when I was 5 months pregnant with my eldest daughter. This was in 1977. I was in intensive care for 5 weeks, until I was stable enough to have my femur replaced. Not only, was I given large quantities of pain meds during my time in intensive care,(due to a broken back, neck, collar bone, arm, skull fracture,  & 577 stitches in head; but a broken femur. I had my femur replaced while I was awake; because back in those days they did not put you to sleep. I delivered her natural 4 months later. She was a straight "A" student, and an awesome daughter. and, came home from hospital after surgery, on pain meds, because no other fractures were repaired, and breast-fed!!!

Another story, had a FRIEND also in a car wreck, (this, I do not agree with), but; it is a true story. She had her second son at 40 years old. She is highly addicted to oxycotin 80's, and on 100 mgs. of Fentanyl Patches. Her son was born addicted, and she breast fed also. He was a great baby. No problems that I saw up to his 2nd B-Day anyways; but I moved to N.E., and have been away for 10 yeaqrs now. Just things I know; ultimately, it has to be up to you;  but I believe that our babies are more protected
'internally" than what we think. I came home with lortab 10 after my accident; but only took 4-5 of them, and went back into my way of life which was , and still is
"meditation!" Good Luck to you, and your baby.

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