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Amazing ER Visit Last Night

Aug 23, 2008 - 1 comments



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Wow, I had a great visit to the ER. When I walked in, I started filling out the Triage form at the registration counter when I noticed the woman at the desk was reading my information as I wrote it and she got me registered before I was even done with the form.  She rushed me right into triage past waiting people! Then they triaged me and walked to straight to a room, I had an attentive, friendly nurse and a receptive Dr.  I left my house at 10:45 and was already receiving IV and Toradol  by 11:30! They kept me on IV fluids and checked my pain level until 3 am when I was confident I could handle my pain at home! They got me from a pain level of  8-9 to a 3 within an hour!

I had to go when 2mg Dilauded at 8pm  and a Darvocet at 9pm only reduced my pain from a 9+ to an 8.
The Triage nurse said taking a Darvocet after a Dilauded was like spitting in the ocean!  LOL.

I still did not pass it, but it has moved to a more comfortable area. I am able to handle it with just heat and rest right now.

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by Ranaesheart, Aug 26, 2008
Oh, Sweetie ~ Sure hope you are feeling better!  That pain is excruciating!!!   So glad your nurse and doctor were attentive and, please excuse me, but had to laugh at the humor you shared about taking the Darvocet after the Dilaudid ... your nurse was quite correct.  

Best wishes for your speedy recovery and am soooo sorry you were so sick.  


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