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Spotting again...sigh

Oct 08, 2010 - 0 comments







subchorionic hemmorhage


subchorionic hematoma

After 3 days without spotting I started spotting again.  I'm getting used to it but it still keeps me very alert and thinking about every body twinge, ache, pain, and discomfort.
My boys are driving me bonkers today.  My husband was up for work at 5:45am and woke both of them up.  I'm overtired and although my godfather is here to help take care of them, having someone else disciplining your kids can be extremely grating on the nerves! I'm being ungrateful but I am so sick of not being able to be their mum 100%.  My eldest keeps bashing the youngest for attention and my youngest has just started to realize the great effect of screaming loudly.  Ahhh.
I'm worried today. I feel like 6 weeks is an eternity away and I keep thinking about going into labour before the baby is of a viable age.  I try to stay focussed on the positives but sometimes my thoughts get negative and the stress starts to get to me.  
Stay in there baby. Hang on. I can't lose you.

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