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1st Appt with the RE spec.

Oct 09, 2010 - 2 comments



RE Appt


Hormone levels

Me and DH went to see the RE spec. for the first time. He had my medical records ready when we walked into his office, charts to explain everything already laid out on his desk. Dr. Ripps sat us down asked me a few questions and said "It's not a matter of if you can have children it's what meds do I have to put you on for it to happen" Wow, thats a sentence me and DH never thought we would hear! Come to find out along with Endo, PCOS, and pre-cervical cancer alot of whats going on is my LH surge doesnt spike like a normal womens hormones do. Mine is extremely high at al times and another hormone is also way to low! We start the process on monday 10-11-10 and he said we should be pregnant by Thanksgiving weekend! What an amazing present that would be! Truly a blessing. I told my mother today about what had happend at the RE office, with me being an only child my mother was worried about not being a grandmother, once I told her she had a permant smile on her face! There's not even words to explain how I feel right now! I know I shouldnt get my hopes up but he gave us that hope again, confidence, and just lifted us back up. If theres anyone around Pensacola Florida looking for a RE dr. let me know and I'll send you his info!

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by Kricket212, Oct 09, 2010
Best Wishes to you & happy to hear you rec'd the news you were looking for.
I can't wait to hear about your BFP!!!  

I am having a retrival today.......praying this cycle works for me.

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by WannaBMamma, Oct 12, 2010
I wish you the best during this process.  By now you should have started your meds.  I did three IVF's and the third ended up with a BFP with triplets.  The third sac did not develop but I am now 29 weeks preggo with twin girls.  If I can be of any help - please reach out. I will answer any question you may have about the process.  Good to you guys!!!


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