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Oct 09, 2010 - 2 comments




Cant believe i thought ovulation occured on mon oct 4th then today EWCM not sure whats happening.

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by kimmery, Oct 12, 2010
hey bev,
something similar happened to me this month. ewcm lasted over a week and it looks like i ovulated on day 17ish (i am guessing though, just based on cm)! why do you think this happened for you? i'm thinking it's the vitex i've started taking...
how are you doing?

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by bevfly, Oct 13, 2010
Im good hun thanks.Not sure but it could have been the clomid or the cough medicine i take.I had my cd21 progesterone done on monday and got the results yesterday it came back 96 so i definately ovulated more than 1 week ago.Think the clomid plays havoc with your body and your cycle.Hows things with you hun? Bev xx

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