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Waves of Nausea.

Oct 09, 2010 - 5 comments


















fun. Today I got sooo nauseus when driving to the "beer shop" I went in with DH and I couldnt STAND the smell in there! It smelt like Sick, barley grains and fermenting garbage omg... I wanted to crawl out of my skin.... I kept telling DH it smells soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I want to go I want to go can we go now... He just looked at me with a stupid face " what smell?"

I thought maybe I'm just hungry! I was starvin' so we ate some subway... still felt sick. It's just been haunting me in waves. Then we went to my MIL house and I actually smelt the detergent that she put in the upstairs toilet from DOWN STAIRS haha I looked like a dog sniffing the air... "what's that?"
Everyone looked at me ... "what's what?"

Me- That chemical detergenty smell omg it's just like coming in waves.

Sure enough went upstairs to have my 8th pee of the day to find all this gooey bright blue slop in the toilet it hit my face like a ton of bricks... I even contemplated just holding my pee just so I wouldn't be have to sit there in a room smelling like toilet cleaner.. Tell ya what If I'm not pregnant than .. I must be a wearwolf.

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by Maybe-baby, Oct 09, 2010
much luck to you honey, dont be too disheartened if its still a BFN again please, cos i remember doing these sorta things too when we were trying. but i hope youre right!

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by natashajay, Oct 10, 2010
OMGosh you have to be pg as i can smell the blocks in men urinals from the entrabce of  the restaurants....over the food! some things make me feel soooooo sick and yet i can muck out my hens no probs! how wierd is that...oh babe i do so hope you all sounds....ha no smells positive LOL

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by Des_a_rae, Oct 10, 2010
Aww How awful, BUT in a good way I hope!!  Fingers crossed for you woman!!  
That must smell some kinda nasty, I couldn't imagine BUT if it means you're pregnant, then YAY!! lol.   SSBD!! :D

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by onyxangel, Oct 10, 2010
thanks sweetheart who knows. I know it's freakin' bizare and I feel bionic or something haha. STILL NO AF but had 1 drop in my cm and that was earlier this after noon ... it's now 12:446 and still NO AF... I'll test tommorow. who knows

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by natashajay, Oct 11, 2010
im thinking of you and hoping your dream comes true xx

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