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From me to the Newcomer

Jan 08, 2008 - 0 comments

My dream….a reality by the grace of God, ............... was founded in December of 2006. I had a vision of a place where guys like myself would be able to go, and not feel institutionalized while recovering from the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of alcoholism and addiction rather at home!.. Here at FRC the guys are asked to obtain employment, seek sponsorship, attend meetings both in house and sanctioned 12 step meetings outside the house, follow the rules and remain willing to go to Any Length that’s needed for victory over addiction! You will feel a sense of warmth and comfort at FRC..We believe in the “You are your brothers keeper” philosophy. We can do this together but not alone...An ex-convict, IV Drug user and the list goes on can recover…. If I can anyone can! I am only willing to work with the addicts who have come to a turning point, and have a desire to stop, and find a new way to live. You see, I came into AA to stop using and drinking...and while in the rooms of recovery, I found out how to LIVE! That’s Serendipitous! I would like to welcome the newcomer,  the most important   person that I meet on a day to day basis– You remind me of the pain that was once so real, now by God’s grace is gone...not forgotten!
" those who fail to remember are doomed to repeat"

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