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Oct 10, 2010 - 0 comments

I just had to write a short journal entry about food.  The change in my diet has been huge these last couple of months. Each week I have new favorite foods. Sometimes it cycles back around after a few weeks after I get tired of something.  Anyway, I wanted to write down a few of my current favorites.

Bruno's peppers (this has and alway will be on my list). I am going through about a jar a week.  Sooo, good and it helps keeps me from getting too sodium deficient b/c most of the food I eat has none in it and I don't  use table salt.

Roasted garlic.  I eat this sometimes alone and sometime with my veggies and meat. I have even found some freeze dried at Central Market which is nice if you want something crunchy.

A strawberry/bannana smoothie drink made by Naked. I think it's called "Well Being".  Rarely do I just drink more than a few sips at a time and usually finish a bottle over the course of 2-3 days.  Sometimes you just want to drink your fruit without much effort and feel the party in your mouth.

Honey Crisp apples.  Oh my. These are now in season and sooo good. When I need a little more of a snack than just the apple, I put almond butter on it. Actually almond butter should also be on this list as I have it at least once a day on something, even if it's just a spoon. ;-)

Pumpkin Seeds (David brand is the best).  Great if you want just a little something and want to have that "snacking" motion of hand to mouth.

Cliff's twisted fruit.  Now normally this is not something I ever ate and real fruit is better but sometimes you just want something fruity, tart and portable (like in a purse).  It is basically smashed fruit in stick form.

Tilapia.  This is my current new favorite fish.  Sprinkle a little dill weed and broil in the oven.  I snack on it throughout the day. Sometimes I have some salsa or tabasco on it, or sometimes a homemade shrimp cocktail type sauce (organic tomato sauce, horse raddish and crushed garlic) or even roasted peppers with some arti's on top.

One thing I am getting a craving for but not finding at the store are sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are NOT yams as they belong to an entirely different family of foods.  Cannot find them anywhere but I am on the hunt.

And there you have it.  All my current fav's this week.

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