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Weight gain :-(

Oct 11, 2010 - 5 comments

OMG my weight went from 146 to 149 in a couple days I seriously hope it is water weight. I am pretty bloated right now too.
This pregnancy I am more watchful on my weight because of how much I gained last time. I don't want to gain to much this pregnancy and it just looks like it is inevitable.

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by jenkaye21, Oct 11, 2010
It'll be okay!!  I always tend to gain alot early, then slow down.  Congrats!

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by vacuumprincess, Oct 11, 2010
With my daughter I gained a ton!  Iwith her I started at 115lbs  & ended at 180!  I week after birth I was 45 lbs lower.  I had TONS of water weight.  With pre eclampsia & all the water I was on hospital bedrest for the last few weeks.  I was so swoolen & couldn't bend my knees or fingers!  It was crazy!  I had doctors taking pictures to put into medical magazines.  

Anyway...  I know how you feel.  I thought I held around 125lbs all summer.  I got on the scale a few days ago and it was 135!  what? seriously?  I don't "feel" like I gained 10 lbs.  Why already?  I guess I just packed on a few...  bummer.  All this being said, I think I need to mention that I am only 5' 3" at most, so I am a shortie...  

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by Sunkissed19, Oct 11, 2010
You should remember that in a normal, non pregnant body your weight is said to fluctuate by 2-3 pounds in every 24 hour period. Sometimes you wake up say 150 pounds and then weigh yourself after dinner and you weigh 152 pounds. Weight is especially said to fluctuate in the first trimester of pregnancy. A lot of it is water weight and your bodies natural response to storing fat to try and sustain this new life thats entered it. Think of it as your body not sure of how your going to have enough nutrients to give to the baby yet, so its storing extra of what you eat just in case. After a couple weeks when your body gets more used to the pregnancy and realizes you are going to consume enough calories to sustain the pregnancy then you will see a decline in the quickness of weight gain. From a non scientific point of view though....i would tell you to stay the heck off your scale until you're out of the first trimester! Your gonna gain weight while your pregnant, its shouldnt be making yourself feel bad about hard as that is i know. I asked my doctor to just tell me if my weight was to low or too high during my pregnancy and if it wasnt to just not tell me how much i was just depressing otherwise. welcome your pregnant body and be proud of it!! You're beautiful momma!

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by Tasia32, Oct 11, 2010
Thanks ladies, I think I am going to just stop weighing myself until I am out of the first trimester. I just nerd to find that happiness about gaining weight ai had in my first pregnancy it is just kind of hard when I know how hard it is to lose I all after giving birth.

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by Tiger63, Oct 11, 2010
Hey, i need to watch my weight with this pregnancy because i gained 25kilos with Lilly and was bigger to start with anyway. I didn't over eat i just didnt have time or energy to keep up the gym and working full time took everything i had. I have already put on 2.5 kilos and have ballooned out and i should only be around 7 weeks at the moment.

I hope i dont gain as much as last time because i had so much trouble with my pregnancy in the end.

Good luck!

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