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Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Oct 12, 2010 - 0 comments










There is much fuss nowadays about the ability to improve vision through eye exercises alone. Is there truth to this? Some say yes, and some say no. Eye exercises can certainly help some, but may not correct serious vision problems including cataracts for example. Most exercise is good for the body. There are people that promote facial exercises as a way to reduce jaw problems (such as temporomandibular joint disorder, also called TMJ) and wrinkling. If exercises can reduce the odds of wrinkling then why not try a few exercises to see how well they improve your vision. Let's explore how the eye works, and how exercises that boost flexibility of the eye and reduce fatigue may work to improve your vision. Eye Exercises That Help Most people suffer from eyestrain resulting from long hours at a computer. Think about it. Someone who stares at a computer screen for more than an hour at a time does not provide his or her eyes much opportunity to exercise (or the rest of the body for that matter) If you view your computer for long periods, you may benefit from eye exercises that relax and strengthen your eye. There is research suggesting gentle exercises can relieve eyestrain and improve tension headaches associated with eyestrain from too much computer use. Once every hour take some time away from your computer to rest your eyes. Roll them around, roll them left to right. Then shut them for five minutes and relax. Relaxing your eyes is better than exercising your eyes sometimes, especially after a long day at a computer, or a long day reading or editing books or other material. There are other specific techniques designed to strengthen the eye. Many holistic health practitioners encourage patients with vision problems to practice these exercises to improve their vision. Let's review one of the more popular techniques below. See Clearly Now There is a lot of controversy about one method of eye exercise that boasts dramatic improvements in vision. This is the "See Clearly Now" method. What is it? This method is a new exercise program involving a series of exercises that boasts improved vision. It helps reduce fatigue and eye muscle strain, at least according to some. While there are no guarantees by using this technique you can leave your glasses behind, it's worth looking into Here is how it works. Take a break whether reading, typing, watching television, or whatever you are doing. Now, shift your focus by looking first at your fingertip, and then at something across the room at a distance. Repeat this exercise for up to 10 repetitions. What this should do according to the developers is help your eyes remain flexible and help you gain better control over your ability to focus. There are other exercises involved in this method that follow a similar strategy. The goal includes strengthening your eyes ability to focus on objects near and at a distance. Most people with vision problems have either myopia or hyperopia (near or farsighted), so, in theory, it makes sense that exercises to improve your focusing ability may improve your vision. Does it work, or will shutting your eyes do? You decide. Let us know what you think by visiting our forums and sharing your experiences with eye exercises.

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