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Oct 12, 2010 - 1 comments

so ive just heard i have a slot in the WI to do a demo and sell my cards...are things looking up?  i think its ironic that i have so many offers and interest in my cards and gifts right now and yet soon ill be too tired and then i'll have limited time until baby has a proper routine etc and i can fit it all in.
the woman Mandy had 2 vintage cars i made for her for weddings, and now she's ordered one of my book style cards for a 50th tommorrow thats fab!
im sooo glad she always comes to me for her cards.

so ive been sat here following different friends journals etc and i almost let the fire go out! what a dozie mare xx
its roaring again now, phew.
just wanted it nice for when the kids come home from school.
im at peace now the doctors phoned, she doesn't think there is a real risk to me with regards to Hand Foot and Mouth disease so thats good.
im still waiitng for the delivery man, he has my new blackcurrent curtains for my craft room and my new comfy exec chair,it'd be nice to have them up for tonights crafting lesson, my back is really playing up again, i hoe the disc stays put i have been thru 9 months of back ache and had a walking stick to walk with i cant go through that again, not with this huge bump in front of me.

everything is sooo tiresome today, i think cuz its sooo cols outside, im reluctant to do the washing as the utility is a seperate building from the house and i hate walking around to it, its far too cold!

i have so much on this week i have another 6 packs of cupcake holders to make, my daughters bday card (she'll be 9!), and my sons rather late newsletter that the school forgot to send home on friday states that this friday he needs cupcakes to sell, geez like i had better things to do!
i have reading at school tommorrow, i help in my daughters class, i love that they want parents to help in the school its certainly better than my youngests school.

must remember to check my weight tommorrow, havent done it for a while.

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by Cassandrajane, Oct 12, 2010
The Delievery man came!:).. LOl..
Glad you havent got a chance of gettting H F and M. :) Woohooo...

I cant find harry's scan photo's he isnt with his sister!! :(. Ima rip my room apart! I need my harry bum! OH NO!

OMG, did you watch this TV programme called Stupid?? Its for Kids.  Well the kid with Devil Finger is in Hollyoaks! LOL...
I thought splash was out her cage for a second!! Haah..

have fun tonightt. And you would get alot of business this time of year.... CHRIMBLEMAS!!!


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