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Extremely worried!!!

Oct 13, 2010 - 0 comments

My mom age 68 took a stroke 3 days ago, she seemed alert as to conversation while she was having it but was slurring her speech and rolling her eyes and weakness throughout the body.
She's in the hospital now and the doctor said she had a "left sided stroke", her left leg and arm are either numb or weak, but she tells me she can feel them. She also moved her left hand a tiny bit today. Her speech is still slurred quite a bit but I can understand most of it. She keeps her eyes closed a fair bit while talking though but she remembers things and can keep up a conversation. She is unable to drink until she passes swallowing test. They have her on fluids and also heparin.... I guess what I am wondering is since I have never been around someone who had a stroke in the first days after one is whether this happens to all stroke victims and if some of it goes away on its own. Its terrifying to see her like this and I read alot of hopeful stories about stroke survivors. I guess I just want to know from someone else going through this or have gone through this if they went through the same thing themselves or with their loved one?
Questions such as with the swallowing is that a common effect from a stroke that can correct over time because of weakened muscles?.....with the speech does it sometimes correct itself as well?....and if there much hope that she will regain her left side?.... I know she will have rehab to go through but I guess I am just looking for some hope that she may make a full recovery or close to one from someone that has gone through this either themselves or with their loved ones. Any responses would be very greatly appreciated

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