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Aug 24, 2008 - 9 comments

I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap. that night i had a ton of needed plans and didnt get to do any of them because i was lying in bed the rest of the night crying, sore, swollen, aching, couldnt pee wo it burning badlyyyyyyyyy, and bleeding. i was in the worst pain i thought te swelling would never go down. but today the sweeling has reduced but the pain still remians along with some sarri ng, puss ooze, blistering, and horrible intense burning when i pee. this is ****** uppppp

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by MissTexas08, Nov 04, 2008
I'm experiencing this same reaction.  I stopped the medication 3 nights ago and am in very intense pain still.  I lay completely still because it hurts so bad to move, and I try not to eat or drink so I won't need to pee because I cry when I do.  My labia is so swollen that it touches even with my legs spread.  I'm so miserable... and the worst part is I need to be at school so will probably have to withdraw from my class for the absences I'm taking for it.

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by Oguurl, Dec 06, 2008
I have been using Aldara around my anus for about a week now for genital warts and I have had absolutely no sypmtoms from it.  The warts haven't shrunk either but I wasn't expecting a miracle from this.

Are you sure you didn't get some inside your vagina?  The packaging and instructions states not to use it inside your vagina or anus at any time and that if you get it inside you need to go to the DR. ASAP.  Just a thought.  Otherwise I would tell your doctor that you just want the damn things frozen off.

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by emily151, Dec 09, 2008
ive been on aldara for almost 3 months now ive onli got once corse left they have made some warts go and shrink but i have quite alot of them left and they dont seem like they want to go n e were could smokein weed affect the treatment /?

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by littleflwr, Dec 09, 2008
I also have hpv just recently contracted from my bf,  and he gave me this fucidin cream that didnt cause me irritation, but I didnt use it everyday either. Luckily only had 1 wart so far that I could see... I find taking a bath and just soaking yourself in clean water really helps my irritation, I get swollen and itchy so easily its ****, but afterwards it seems to really calm it down.  Also maybe try aloe. Hope you all feel better...

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by Jaso20, Dec 10, 2008

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by ripinit, Dec 25, 2008
Yep, same thing happened/happening to me.  My entire vaginal region was (still a little) swollen, and the opening of my vagina was almost closed shut.  Super scary too.  Not to mention utter knee buckling pain when peeing, sitting down, or simply standing sometimes.  I'm talk'n the kinda fear where you choose poor bowl aim because you just don't care if you pee all over yourself.  I'm past the worst of it, swelling isn't gone, but it's less, and finally I can sit.  Never thought I'd be so greateful just to have a seat with ease.  
Here's what I did:
1. Became fearless (not easy): used a mirror and took an open minded gander at my vagina.  (fear came back quick)
2. Post trauma, it didn't take long to determine that I had a ferocious bladder infection since the sloppy infection was hanging around my urinary track doesn't take much to get one, as I've had them before.
3. This urinary infection was soooo different though; more painful, intense and overwhelming really.  So I waddled (I'm only 31yrs old, so very embarrassing.) to my car, took 5min to sit in the seat, and drove to get "100% cranberry juice".  It's expensive, but you'll see why when you suck in your cheeks from the taste.  It's intense, but it's what your body really wants and needs. I chugged as much as I could handle in the car, so my next pee was fantastic, well....
4. Back at my house, I looked fear in the eye again. I grabbed my mirror, Q-tips (you'll need lots), tea tree oil (pure), garbage can, and omg courage.  First, I started cleaning out the infection (yellow/white).  Second, I wiped my oh so fragile skin to get as much as I could.  Third, I separated my vaginal lips, prepared myself for hurting, and ever so gently wiped as much infection out of there as I could...youch.  Fourth, I applied tea tree oil to just about everywhere except on my urinary opening.
5. Now, I was fine while my legs where exposed to the far as fine goes anyway.  BUT, omg, omg, omg, when I stood up the burning pain set in.  I drive a motorcycle, am an astrophysicist, and essentially a pretty tough chick, but found myself crying and on my knees yelling....stuff.  I'll be straight up with you, prepare for an hour of burning pain, but then it's done and you will feel the difference right away....happy sitting:)

What I've learned so far is that tea tree oil has a penetration effect, like say you have an infection under your finger nail; tea tree oil will penetrate your nail and get to the infection.  I believe I am a high risk for vaginal cancer, and those warts represented a vicious hidden root system throughout my vagina.  I also believe that the burning sensation was caused by the tea tree oil traveling along that root system and curing my beautiful vagina.  

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by naturegirl000, Feb 12, 2009
Aldara *****, but it some what helps, although i am going to try laser treatment next.
Some tips on using aldara:
-do not put on any other areas on vagina, anus, or penis that does not have warts, even if you rubbed it in and the cream ended up around where your warts are.
- be very careful with your application.
-use the littlest bit, even though in your head you think "well tonight if i put a little bit more on maybe they will go away sooner, i know it ***** throwing the whole little pack away, a waste of money but DONT.
-wash the area you are putting aldara on first.
-use light soap in the morning, give yourself time again to wash cream off, then during the day some of your irritation will go away. i sit in the bath for like ten minutes before showering, plus the warm water feels much better on the "hardened skin and blisters..
-after about 8 weeks of it, the bad bad bad reactions are so horrible.
- don’t smoke cigs, drink a lot of water, take immune system vitamins, and stay away from sex.
-also TEA TREE OIL needs to be properly diluted if your going to use at home remedies, the commment above mine learn the hard way.

question: does smoking weed cause your immune system to go down, do I have to stop smoking that too to get these little suckers to go away?

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by vic1984, May 25, 2009
I had that Aldara stuff, what a waste of time! my warts got worse! I think because the stuff was just another way to make money out of our suffering! It did burn a bit, and they say try not to get it on skin not infected............a prob if they are dotted all over and small.........try rubbung it in with precision whilst looking upside down in the mirror! I went for the hardcore weekly freeze, and even though i did for a couple of months it was the best cure! The lovely people at the clinic gave me some numbing cream that they use for kids having injections and applying that half hour before was a lifesaver, took some of the pain away whilst they were being frozen! Freezing them means they are less likely to come back to, they are killed to the root and touch wood, even though I still have HPV in my cervix I haven't had warts again in over 3 years (famous last words!) If I had stuck to freezing instead of Aldara they no  doubt would have gone quicker! My top tip is to have a salt water bath the evening you have your treatment, just ordinary table salt and just warm water. It totally relieves most of the pain and helps your skin to heal itself better. Good luck guys and make sure you have your smear tests mega frequently, I had a small cervix op at 21 because of this HPV was turning towards cancerous, one small swab could save your life!

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by foodcritic89, Apr 30, 2010
I used aldara on my anus after i have my hpv burned off my vagina. it did not burn when i used it, and actually i only had to use 3 packets. but when i got them burned off, for 3 days i was in so much pain i couldnt move. the dr. told me that was normal! so maybe the aldara is working! keep using it!

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