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Oct 17, 2010 - 1 comments

I cannot rightly think of anything proper to name this entry but there has been a lot that has happened lately. First and foremost, I should point out the fact that Ali hasn't had any seizures for about a year and a half until this past few months intermittently. In the past two months, he has had at least 4 absent seizures and a possible grand mal. Last week at school, he had two but he has been sick with pneumonia for I don't know how long. He was put on clarithromycin for his infection but I believe it has counter acted with one or more of his other meds. His behavior has been out of whack. We have to go to see his peds neuro on Wednesday. I hope things go well for him. I am also hoping to get rid of the seizure helmet for his sake but I understand if we can't. He is on so many meds right now, it's unreal. One great aspect to all of this though is that he has been able o join baseball and now martial gym and swimming. He is doing really well in these sports!! I'm so proud of him!  I hope someday that someone, somewhere finds some sort of cure for this dreadful disease! As for the rest of my family, they're doing okay. The baby joined daycare and my daughter is now into grade 6. My health is quickly declining though. If it's not one thing one day, it's another thing on another day. Well I should go for now, my daughter needs to use this computer for a school report. I hope all of you reading are having a much better day than I am!

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by specialmom, Oct 17, 2010
Oh, I am sorry to hear all of this.  I hope they completely get things ironed out with your son and yes, that he gets to ditch the siezure helmet.  This must be so hard on him and I'm sure you worry so much. It must be overwhelming.  But I LOVE that has found some athletic opportunities to join and am so glad that he is enjoying them so!  Great outlets for the neurological system as well as a wonderful confidence booster!  You are one busy momma!  I'm sorry to hear that your health is declining.  You do have to take care of yourself while tending to your kids.  Once a week, you should take a short bit of time to get out of the house and just breath on your own.  Not running an errand or grocery shopping--- but enjoying a cup of coffee and a book at a coffee shop or something.  Hang in there.  

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