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Not in love!!!!

Aug 24, 2008 - 2 comments

bf byby


not in love

in my last entry, I talked about how I was in love. Well, that changed. Today my bf called
me and we talked about normal stuff, like school and what we were doing. So we said by and I was about to hang up but I guess he forgot and I heard him say stuff like sorry babe, that was just some girl trying to get a date and then I heard  a girl moaning in the back ground. Saying ohhh, **** me harder. So ya. Tomarrow at
school I'll tell him off. I'll b bf less. But that's ok. Theres a cute guy who I like.

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by nicole89, Aug 25, 2008
aww thats awful :( i hope u kick him in the nuts ;)

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by madgeOwens, Aug 25, 2008
Thats great that you found out what a s h i t  he is now...shuffle him back in the deck and don't look back.....don't let these guys use you,, not ever..............little @#@$%%$% not worth it

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