Blood pressure/Stress.

Oct 19, 2010 - 1 comments

It looks like my BP is on the rise again these last few weeks.  Starting into Stage 2 hypertention again.  
Alot/most of the same issues coming back only now  a bit stronger and with something new I've noticed and I'm not sure if it's related or not; but, my fingernails are started to grow down instead of out now.  Perfect timing for Halloween I guess.  lol  

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by Me967, Nov 04, 2010
Still having issues with chest pains and palpitations.  Also having bad pains in arm (feels heavy and almost numb) and neck pain.  Shortness of breath is more like a heavy feeling/yet sinking feeling in my chest again.  After I eat I am totally wiped out.   I noticed my sugar is up higher than it should be.  Not sure if the two are related or not.  Between 3-7 AM seems to be the worst on my blood pressure now and is throwing off some crazy dreams....though it's spiking during the day also.  Today when it spiked, I thought I was going to get sick and was very lightheaded.  I sat down and feel asleep w/in minutes sitting straight up.  Woke up a couple hours later with the dog (great dane) sitting on my lap.  lol

With the colder weather moving in I'm back to having my body spasms threwout my whole body, in which is painful.  Too add to the mix my bones fill like they could shatter by just walking.  Found out that I have Osteopenia (spell check...early osteoporosis).   Maybe try some extra D.

Freezing most all the time.  Could it be thyroid or just me.  I'm chilled to the bone half the time in the house when it's 71 degrees.

Having issues with a headaches, dry cough, phylum/gagging and bldy noses off and on..... O yeah, did I also mention brain fog.  lol.  Between all the pains it's getting me down is all I guess.  

Same old complaints just seems to hurt worse each year.  As for the sickness and vomiting with the lightheaded spells very often, and while bending over to pick up something my body feels numb...that is new this year.  Sure do wish I knew why I have all these problems?  And really wish they would just go away.  Until then....chart, chart and chart.  :-/

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