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I finally saw Devra today

Oct 19, 2010 - 0 comments

She's sending me for blood work and I got capsules back. YES!

I've been waiting for someone to say it, to remember me when we first met. When I was a raging fifteen year old. I'm pleasant now. I'm not even the same pseron. I'm really not. All I feel about who I used to be was upset they pulled my GPA down so bad. I have a 3.3 and straight A's. Ughh. Scholarships? No, not for me, thanks though.

College is wipping my ***. I bought a bone shaped cookie cutter for the dog biscuits for pit bull awareness day! <3 I'm exctied. Apple bread. Dog treats. I'm fulll of surprises. I'm glad to be going back. I wantto make a habit of it it's just my schedule is so unpredictable I can't pin a day and on the weekends...I just really need my sleep. I'm having trouble staying upright already and I AM sleeping. Every chance I get. I take a nap every day and sleep all night and I just don't know what to do to catch up. Hense the blood test....

I played sims 3 tonight. It's kinda fun, if you don't have a god complex like I seem to.

We watched Big Fish in class. I don't understand, I couldn't figure out the accomplishments. I'm really nervous about having to write poetry for a class. I have work tomarrow. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but it's just wipping my bum. I'll go and try my hardest of course, though.

Shei's not speaking to me because of what I said about Nick. I won't say I never thought he;d be more important than me, because after all she chose him in the first place. Why didn't I see this coming? I miss her though. I'm so stupid.

My mother is still having vein troubles. Bad ones. There will be surgery. And yes, it's hereditery.

Just off the top of my head (unrelated) I keep waking up with charlie horses in my calfs, which never happened before recently. Need to look that up. Need to find more time. Need to keep baking. Need to think of something to do for my 3 year anniversary (?!). Need to find time to go to the movies. Need to make money. Need to get used to everything else. Need to start painting again. I need TIME. PLEASE.

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