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Bit o'boogie nose

Oct 20, 2010 - 0 comments

runny nose


small dry cough

Samy began nose a little bit of running over this past weekend. But we still we able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. John gave Same 2 Albuterol puffs before the Booz Fun Family Event on Saturday.
Monday-Tuesday there was no change in her nose. Just running a little. Tuesday evening I gave her some Zertec (a generic form of antihistimine). This morning (Wednesday) her nose was good but she had a little dry cough. No coughing at all the night before. We gave her her nebulizer treatment w/ albuterol and some more Zertec before she went to school. Hopefully we'll head off anything that might be brewing. Though it is inevitable she'll get sick again. All the kids are running around with green boogers playing hide and seek in their own noses. Yuck.

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