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Accidentally found out surgery was postponed!

Aug 25, 2008 - 0 comments








I'm trying to be calm. I really really am.  But its hard to be calm when you show up for your preop testing and they tell you (the radiology receptionist, by accident) "your surgery is on for Wednesday" and all along they told you Monday!!! I had to go in for my preop history and physical so I had my daughter call the dr's office and ask, what the hell, basically.  They told her it was still on for Monday.  It was the receptionist not the secretary. I got on the phone after my xray and the secretary was gone for the day but the receptionist told me she would "have her call you in the morning" because I wanted to know the time.  I said tomorrow was Saturday, but she said again she would have her call me first thing in am.  At this time it was after 5 on a Friday when all my work was finally done and everyone was gone FOR THE WEEKEND!  So we drove 2.5 hours home.  It's now Saturday and NO ONE called me "first thing" or at any other time.        1. I called starting with the dr's office. Got a machine. Left message #1.        2.Tried calling pt information at the hospital, she offered to page the cardiac fellow on call, told her to go ahead-she was short with me        3.Left message #2 at dr office ...after this I let it go for a while. Around 2pm, my husband started telling me "we need answers"  and "you have to call again".          4. called pt information again, again they paged the cardiac fellow on call.       5. I called Nelson 6, the floor where they have PA's from 6a-6pm all week.  I told the clerk what was going on and she got "Diane" who was the first person who seemed empathetic towards me about all this. She told me she would call back by 4pm regardless.      6. The cardiac fellow on call called me back. He said he has the latest schedule and I was on for Wednesday. I asked him the time and he said there are 2 infront of you so it depends on when those are done. I asked if this was for certain, he said things change all the time and he couldnt guarantee.      7. I callled Diane back since 4pm came and went. No answer.     8. I called Dee  the dr's NP.left a message.       9. I called Nelson 6 again and asked for Diane.She came to the phone and apologized for not calling but that something came up on the floor. She told me she went down to the office, saw they had me down for Tuesday. Said she would try to find out more and would call me again before she left at 6.     10. I called Dee again, this time there was no "leave a message" message, the phone just rang and rang.    11. Diane called at 5:45 and told me there was no way of knowing what was going on unless she paged Dr. Cameron himself.  So she was doing that when she left.  12. On a Saturday night, around 6pm, he called me himself.  He said he didnt know why or how the people at the hospital were getting their information, and that I WAS STILL SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY.!!! BUT! Was there any flexibility in my plans because he was 'backed up' on Monday. He gave me 3 scenarios one for each of Mon, Tues. and Wed.  with Wed being the best because there was less liklihood of my surgery being moved again. After talking with my family,  I told him Wed would be best. So now I am sched. for Wed.  My family, husband, mom, 2 sisters and my daughter were all able to rearrange their schedules to Wednesday.  

This was alot of anxiety all because someone in radiology outpatient decided to open their mouth.  Also, my advice is never have surgery on a Monday, too many things out of your control can go wrong.  Never have preop testing on the Friday before surgery.  Also the icing was, now since I'm having the surg on Wed., I could have donated my own blood for my surgery because it wouldn't have been too close to the surgery.  Am I mad? Upset?  Not really. I have the dream team of JC/DC. Jesus Christ and Duke Cameron.

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