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Little Scared Right Now

Aug 25, 2008 - 2 comments

Well, I am a little scared. I have placenta previa at this time, the placenta is over my cervix a little bit and the baby's head is down in the birthing position. I had reported having alot of BH contractions. Luckily so far that is all they are, no dilation or thinning. But I have read that the baby only moves into this position when they are ready to make their debut. At 20 weeks, I am not at all ready for that. I need to hold out at least another 15 weeks. Doc put me on some restrictions. DH is going to see if a friend can come over and clean the house for us (that way he doesn't have to do it). Doc says to keep my feet up at work (since I work at a desk most times, no big deal) and to rest when I get home. Said that I needed to listen to my body and it will tell me when I have done to much. But to try not to get to that point. If baby is still engaged by my next appointment he may put me on bed rest for a little while. My next ultrasound to check on the placenta will be at 28 weeks. Hopefully, it has moved if not than I am sure he will put me on full bed and pelvic rest.

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by Tarobinc, Aug 27, 2008
That is  a little scary.  I hope things work out.  

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by DaniWants1More, Aug 27, 2008
I had that with my first son 13 years ago. I was told to go on bedrest b/c  i had bleeding too. the placenta eventually did move, I had him two weeks early and it was a vaginal delivery.  I hope everything goes well for you hun.  back then I didn't have the internet to make me worry more lol....but the baby still has plenty of room to move and will change positions from time to time.  take it easy and rest as much as possible.  tc ~d

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