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Liver Biopsy 2010: First blood part 5

Oct 23, 2010 - 5 comments

I got my biopsy results back. I feel pretty good about it. I progressed from Stage 0 to Stage 1 in 12 months. But the inflamation is down from Grade 2 to Grade 1. So, I guess there is not a lot of change, and most importantly, I am in no big hurry to retreat.

The big question will be whether or not to treat with Telaprevir or Boceprevir next year when available. Do I treat, or continue to wait?

Thanks to all of you on the group for your past and continuing support!


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by Trinity4, Oct 23, 2010

If it were me and I was transplanted I would treat when the protease inhibitors are released.  Because of transplant, the fibrosis advances more quickly and we all know the more fibrosis the harder it is to SVR.  I think either one of them would bring you to SVR.  I'm jumping in as soon as Telaprevir is released.


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by Proactive, Oct 23, 2010
Whatever you decide Brent, this looks like good news to me..Congrats!!! Pro..*)

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by eureka254, Oct 24, 2010
Very glad to see that you will have time to ponder your prospects!  

I can certainly understand you wanting to treat as soon as possible, but I think you should definitely not repeat another round quite just yet.  84 weeks is a long time, Brent, and it'd be crazy to do that all over again the same way with the same treatment and expect different results.  Maybe to consider a change or twist, maybe PegIntron or (forgive me here) Infergen, or adding Alinia, and perhaps to line one of those up a 2nd line offensive if the PIs don't get approved by next year, but you definitely don't have to rush into anything just yet.  

Glad it was good news :).  ~eureka

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by Kristina538, Oct 24, 2010
Congrats on the results....  at least you'll feel more relaxed about the decision-making, knowing that you don't have to decide overnight and can continue researching, probing, questioning (I really believe only the good people get the hardest jigsaw puzzles).  Thanks for posting the update!

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by IAmTheWalrus, Oct 24, 2010
Thanks, all. It is a great relief not to feel the urgency to treat.

Trin: I am kind of inclined to think along the same lines as you. I still have that "new car" feeling about my liver and don't want to let any damage progress. I guess I'll wait until there is FDA approval and see what the situation is for me versus the cost of TX and current work/insurance/family situation is, and make the final decision then. I am still hoping there will be a study for TP patients.

Eureka: Don't worry! I certainly would not go another round on Peg and Riba. What I am considering is whether or not to treat when the PI drugs are approved. According to latest biopsy, one could make an argument for continuing to wait, but I am not inclined to that right now. Hope you and hubby are holding up. I think of you both often.

Kristina: Thanks!  I love puzzles. I just printed about a dozen sudoku puzzles off the web in preparation for my "preparation" for colonoscopy tomorrow. I think I will be having lots of time to sit and think. ;-)

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